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St. Ann Catholic Church - New Galilee PA

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In the early 1900’s local Catholics in New Galilee were occasionally visited by a priest or traveled to other villages for Sunday services. In 1922 St. Ann Church was founded as a mission of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Darlington – a capacity in which it remained throughout all or most of its existence. Services were initially held in private homes or rented spaces until the small church (shown above) was opened in June 1924. The church was officially dedicated on November 16, 1924, although it was not completely finished until the summer of 1926. (c1934) Full Size

The front of the St. Ann Catholic Church. This building was dedicated in November 1924 but not fully completed until the summer of 1926. (1976) Full Size

The congregation of the St. Ann Catholic Church in about late 1975. (1975) Full Size

St. Ann Church, which was remodeled several times, possibly became an independent parish in the early 1970’s. The church served the local community for many decades until dwindling attendance saw it merged back with St. Rose of Lima in 1994. The church remained open, sometimes with non-regular services, for the time being but was finally closed for good in June 2001. (May 2013) Full Size


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