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St. Elias Orthodox Church - Ellwood City PA

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A group of Romanian immigrants in Ellwood City, hailing from the Transylvania region, formally organized the Carol I Romanian Society in 1907. In February 1914 this same group organized what became the St. Elias Romanian Orthodox Church. The mostly Romanian ethnic congregation also included a smaller group of Macedonians and a few Russians and Greeks. Efforts soon began to erect a church and three lots were eventually purchased at the corner of Cherry Way and Park Avenue. Construction of a brick church (shown above) began in the summer of 1917 and after various delays it was finally dedicated on Friday, May 31, 1918. A social hall (on left) for the Carol I Romanian Society was erected nearby a few years later. (Oct 2014) Full Size

(Oct 2014)

(Oct 2014)

A parish house was built next to the church in 1950 and became the home of the priest. It was later closed and converted into the Parish Life Center – an office, library, and classroom facility. The congregation, being served by the Reverend John Schmidt, celebrated its 100th anniversary in July 2014. The church is part of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) and is still in active service. (Oct 2014) Full Size

(Oct 2014)

The former parish home for the priest and his family, built in 1950, is now the Parish Life Center. (Oct 2014)


  1. Hello. I am looking for my mother’s birth record. I’m contacting you because her mother, my grandmother, Sophie Shenesky was buried from your church. Sophie’s date of death was January 17, 1943.

    My mother’s name was Katherine Shenesky, born in approximately 1909.

    Thank you for any help you might be able to offer.


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