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“Any fool can make history, but it takes a genius to write it.” Oscar Wilde (I like it!)

The organization and placement of the various pages below is an on-going process. If you are searching for something in a particular area like “Princeton” for example, first check listings under PRINCETON, but also check under SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP. These pages are also under various stages of development. There are generally four stages to each page – text, photos, photo captions, and newspaper articles. Eventually all pages will be completed in full. If you find newspaper article links on some pages with no actual articles to “click on” it just means they are coming soon so check back later. If you have interest in a particular article let me know and I’ll get it posted ASAP. Thanks and enjoy!

NOTE: An asterisk (*) denotes the location is nearby but physically outside the borders of Lawrence County.

LAWRENCE COUNTY – Beaver & Erie Canal
LAWRENCE COUNTY – Big Snow of November 1950
LAWRENCE COUNTY – Harmony Line (Streetcar)
LAWRENCE COUNTY – Western Allegheny Railroad
* BEAVER FALLS – 11th Street School
* BEAVER FALLS – 17th Street School
* BEAVER FALLS – 1st National Bank
* BEAVER FALLS – 33rd St-College Hill School
* BEAVER FALLS – 38th St-College Hill School
* BEAVER FALLS – 5th Street School
* BEAVER FALLS – Agudath Achim Synagogue
* BEAVER FALLS – American Legion Post No. 261
* BEAVER FALLS – Anderton Brewery
* BEAVER FALLS – Armstrong Cork Works
* BEAVER FALLS – Babcock & Wilcox Company (B&W)
* BEAVER FALLS – Beaver Bullet (race car)
* BEAVER FALLS – Beaver Falls Browns (Baseball)
* BEAVER FALLS – Beaver Falls Christian Assembly Church
* BEAVER FALLS – Beaver Falls Fire Department
* BEAVER FALLS – Beaver Falls High School
* BEAVER FALLS – Beaver Falls Today
* BEAVER FALLS – Beaver Falls – New Brighton P&LE Train Station
* BEAVER FALLS – Benson’s Department Store
* BEAVER FALLS – Billy Sunday’s Crusade
* BEAVER FALLS – Brodhead Hotel
* BEAVER FALLS – Carnegie Free Library
* BEAVER FALLS – Colonial/Granada Theater
* BEAVER FALLS – Downtown Photos (7th Ave)
* BEAVER FALLS – Eighth Avenue School
* BEAVER FALLS – Elks Lodge No. 348
* BEAVER FALLS – Farmer’s National Bank
* BEAVER FALLS – First Methodist Episcopal Church
* BEAVER FALLS – First Presbyterian Church
* BEAVER FALLS – First Reformed Presbyterian Church
* BEAVER FALLSGAR Monument (Civil War)
* BEAVER FALLS – Geneva College
* BEAVER FALLS – Grand Hotel
* BEAVER FALLS – Grandview Cemetery
* BEAVER FALLS – Harmonie Mannerchor (Men’s Choir)
* BEAVER FALLS – Holy Trinity Catholic Church
* BEAVER FALLS – Hotel Columbia/Anderson
* BEAVER FALLS – Hotel Phillis
* BEAVER FALLS – Harold Gerson Jewelry Store
* BEAVER FALLS – Italian Sausage Manufacturing Co.
* BEAVER FALLS – John F. Kennedy Visit (1960)
* BEAVER FALLS – Masonic Temple
* BEAVER FALLS – Morado Park
* BEAVER FALLS – Old Covered Bridge
* BEAVER FALLS – Old Panoramic Photos
* BEAVER FALLS – Oram’s Donuts
* BEAVER FALLS – P&LE Train Station (College Hill)
* BEAVER FALLS – Polish Falcons Nest No. 318
* BEAVER FALLS – Post Office Buildings
* BEAVER FALLS – Probst Dairy
* BEAVER FALLS – Providence Hospital
* BEAVER FALLS – Regent Theater
* BEAVER FALLS – Rialto Theater
* BEAVER FALLS – Seventh Ave Hotel
* BEAVER FALLS – Seventh Avenue School
* BEAVER FALLS – Simon Harrold Mansion
* BEAVER FALLS – St. Mary’s Catholic Church (Divine Mercy)
* BEAVER FALLS – St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
* BEAVER FALLS – Tenth Street Bridge & Dam
* BEAVER FALLS – Union Drawn Steel/Republic Engineered Steel
BESSEMER – Bessemer Drug Store
BESSEMER – Bessemer Limestone & Cement Co.
BESSEMER – Bessemer Presbyterian Church
BESSEMER – Bessemer Public Schools
BESSEMER – Bessemer Today
BESSEMER – Croatian Lodge No. 309
BESSEMER – Finnish Lutheran Church
BESSEMER – Hotel Belco
BESSEMER – Joann’s Beauty Shoppe
BESSEMER – Metropolitan Paving Brick Co.
BESSEMER – Mohawk Area Elementary School
BESSEMER – Mohawk High School
BESSEMER – Municipal Building
BESSEMER – Politician Frank M. Clark
BESSEMERPRR Freight Station (Walford Station)
BESSEMER – PY&A Bessemer Branch (PRR)
BESSEMER – St. Anthony Catholic Church
BESSEMER – St. Anthony/Bessemer Cemetery
BESSEMER – Swedish/First Covenant Church & Cemetery
BESSEMER – Wooden Row (housing)
* BIG BEAVER BORO – Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Cemetery
* BIG BEAVER BORO – Rocky Spring Cemetery
* BIG BEAVER BORO – White Church Cemetery
* BIG BEAVER BORO – Wilson Cemetery
CASTLEWOOD – Burick/Sroczynski Plane Crash of 1937
CASTLEWOOD – Castlewood CMA Church
CASTLEWOOD – Hill School
CASTLEWOOD – Moravia Stop/Castlewood School
CASTLEWOOD – Old Panoramic Photos of Castlewood
CHEWTON – B&O Train Station
CHEWTON – Chewton All-Stars (Girl’s Softball)
CHEWTON – Chewton Bridge
CHEWTON – Chewton Cemetery
CHEWTON – Chewton Christian Church
CHEWTON – Chewton Dairy
CHEWTON – Chewton Public Schools
CHEWTON – Chewton Today
CHEWTON – Chewton Volunteer Fire Dept
CHEWTON – Children’s Junk Rally (1943)
CHEWTON – First Baptist Church
CHEWTON – Founder Benjamin Chew Jr.
CHEWTON – Italian Christian Church
CHEWTON – McQuiston’s Store
CHEWTON – Mother’s Day Telegram 1972
CHEWTON – Mysterious Train Wreck of 1909
CHEWTON – Old Photos
CHEWTON – Polish White Eagles Club
CHEWTON – Robertson’s/Kubinski’s Store
CHEWTON – Strange Case of Anton Nagy
* CHIPPEWA TWNP – Beaver Falls Cemetery
* CHIPPEWA TWNP – St. Mary’s Cemetery
* DARLINGTON – Brush Run Seceder/First United Presbyterian Church
* DARLINGTON – Civil War Monument
* DARLINGTON – Darlington Hotel
* DARLINGTON – Darlington Lake Park
* DARLINGTON – Darlington Methodist Church
* DARLINGTON – Darlington Reformed Presbyterian Church & Cemetery
* DARLINGTON – Greersburg Academy
* DARLINGTON – Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church
* DARLINGTON – Old Panoramic Photos
* DARLINGTON – Old Photos
* DARLINGTON – Seceder United Presbyterian Cemetery
* DARLINGTON – St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church
EASTBROOK – Camp Eastbrook/Sherman Acres
EASTBROOK – East Brook Presbyterian Church & Cemetery
EASTBROOK – Eastbrook Cornet Band
EASTBROOK – Eastbrook High School
EASTBROOK – Eastbrook United Methodist Church
EASTBROOK – McKee & Warnock Garage
EASTBROOK – Old Photos
EASTBROOKPRR Railroad Bridge
* EASTVALE – Eastvale Bridge
* EASTVALE – Eastvale School
* EASTVALE – Eastvale Today
EDINBURG – American Cyanamid (Burton Works)
EDINBURG – Ashton Cemetery
EDINBURG – Edinburg Bridge
EDINBURG – Edinburg Christian Church
EDINBURG – Edinburg General Store
EDINBURG – Edinburg Public School
EDINBURG – Edinburg Today
EDINBURG – Edinburg-Hillsville United Methodist Church
EDINBURG – North Edinburg School
EDINBURG – Old Photos
EDINBURG – P&LE Train Station
EDINBURG – Park Cemetery
EDINBURG – Sacco Murder & Payroll Robbery 1917
EDINBURG – Singing Evangelist Ira Sankey
ELLIOT MILLS – Rambler’s Rest
ELLPORT – Ellport Presbyterian Church
ELLPORT – Ellport Public School
ELLPORT – Ellport Roller Skating Rink
ELLPORT – Ellport Tigers Baseball Team
ELLPORT – Ellport Today
ELLPORT – Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church
ELLPORT – Old Photos
ELLPORT – St. Joseph Catholic/Faith Fellowship Baptist Church
ELLPORT – War & Veterans Memorial
ELLWOOD CITY – Aetna Standard Engineering
ELLWOOD CITY – American Legion Memorial Park
ELLWOOD CITY – Baker Forge/Steel Car Forge
ELLWOOD CITY – Baseball Legend “Hack” Wilson
ELLWOOD CITY – Beauticians Division
ELLWOOD CITY – Bell Memorial Presbyterian Church
ELLWOOD CITY – Belton/Ellwood City Drum Corps
ELLWOOD CITY – Boxer Emmett Rocco
ELLWOOD CITY – Burnstown School
ELLWOOD CITY – Cavert Wire Company
ELLWOOD CITY – Central Public School
ELLWOOD CITY – Circle School
ELLWOOD CITY – City Founder Henry Hartman
ELLWOOD CITY – Cold War Prisoner Frederick Matthews
ELLWOOD CITY – Downtown Photos
ELLWOOD CITY – Dugan Hotel
ELLWOOD CITY – Early Town Ads 1891-92
ELLWOOD CITY – East End Hotel/Ellwood Academy
ELLWOOD CITY – Eicholtz’ Clover Farm Store
ELLWOOD CITY – Ellwood/Connoquesnessing Country Club
ELLWOOD CITY – Ellwood/Pennsylvania Power (Ellwood Dam)
ELLWOOD CITY – Ellwood City CMA Church
ELLWOOD CITY – Ellwood City Fire Dept
ELLWOOD CITY – Ellwood City Forge
ELLWOOD CITY – Ellwood City Hospitals
ELLWOOD CITY – Ellwood City Library
ELLWOOD CITY – Ellwood City Post Office
ELLWOOD CITY – Ellwood’s Diamond Jubilee (1967)
ELLWOOD CITY – Ellwood-Hazel Dell Bridges
ELLWOOD CITY – Ewing Park (Housing Area)
ELLWOOD CITY – Ewing Park Bridge
ELLWOOD CITY – Ewing Park School
ELLWOOD CITY – First Baptist Church
ELLWOOD CITY – First Christian Church
ELLWOOD CITY – First United Methodist Church
ELLWOOD CITY – First/Calvin Presbyterian Church
ELLWOOD CITY – First/Christ Presbyterian Church
ELLWOOD CITY – G. C. Murphy Co.
ELLWOOD CITY – Grand Central/McDowell’s Hotel
ELLWOOD CITY – Hartman School
ELLWOOD CITY – Hazel Dell School (North Side)
ELLWOOD CITY – Hazen’s Mill & Dam
ELLWOOD CITY – Hotel Oliver (Lawrence Hotel)
ELLWOOD CITY – Industrialist Ralph Stiefel
ELLWOOD CITY – Jean Fatur Murder Case (1945)
ELLWOOD CITY – Liberty/Manos Theater
ELLWOOD CITY – Lincoln High School
ELLWOOD CITY – Majestic Theater
ELLWOOD CITY – Masonic Temple
ELLWOOD CITY – Mathews Conveyer Company
ELLWOOD CITY – McGregor Cemetery
ELLWOOD CITY – Michael’s Furniture
ELLWOOD CITYMOH Recipient Leslie Sabo Jr
ELLWOOD CITY – Municipal Building
ELLWOOD CITY – National Tube Mill (Mill A)
ELLWOOD CITY – North Side School
ELLWOOD CITY – North Star School
ELLWOOD CITY – Old Brick School (Hazel Dell School)
ELLWOOD CITY – Old Panoramic Photos of Ellwood
ELLWOOD CITY – Old Street Scenes
ELLWOOD CITY – Peerless Lead Glass Company
ELLWOOD CITY – Pittsburgh Circle
ELLWOOD CITY – Purification of BVM Catholic Church
ELLWOOD CITY – Rookery/Park Hotel
ELLWOOD CITY – Shelby Social Club
ELLWOOD CITY – Shelby Tube Mill (Mill B)
ELLWOOD CITY – Soldier J. Wilbur Randolph
ELLWOOD CITY – St. Agatha Catholic Church
ELLWOOD CITY – St. Agatha Catholic School
ELLWOOD CITY – St. Elias Orthodox Church
ELLWOOD CITY – St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
ELLWOOD CITY – Tree of Life Synagogue
ELLWOOD CITY – Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
ELLWOOD CITY – Tunnel Hill Baseball Field
ELLWOOD CITY – Union Train Station
ELLWOOD CITY – United Presbyterian Church
ELLWOOD CITY – Walnut Ridge School
ELLWOOD CITY – West Ellwood B&O Railroad Bridge
ELLWOOD CITY – West End School
ENERGY – Greenwood Methodist Church & Cemetery
ENON VALLEY – American House/Enon Valley Inn
ENON VALLEY – Bethel United Presbyterian Cemetery
ENON VALLEY – C. W. Sitler General Store
ENON VALLEY – Duff’s Garage and Motor Sales
ENON VALLEY – Enon United Presbyterian Church
ENON VALLEY – Enon Valley Odd Fellows Lodge No. 916
ENON VALLEY – Enon Valley Public Schools
ENON VALLEY – Enon Valley Today
ENON VALLEY – Little Beaver Cemetery
ENON VALLEY – Musquire Milling Co.
ENON VALLEY – Old Panoramic Photos of Enon Valley
ENON VALLEY – Old Street Scenes
ENON VALLEYPRR Train Station & Rail Yard
ENON VALLEY – St. Lawrence Hotel
* FRISCO – Circus Truck Crash (1949)
* FRISCO – Fisher Hotel
FRISCO – Frisco Railroad Bridge & Ellwood Tunnel
FRIZZLEBURG – Frizzleburg (Freedom) Cemetery
FRIZZLEBURG – Pine Hills Lake
GRANT CITY – G.A. Steiner Museum
GRANT CITY – Grant City School
GRANT CITY – Kennedy Mill/Kennedy Mill Bridge
HARBOR – A. T. Eckles Grocery Store
HARBOR – Harbor Baseball Team
HARBOR – Harbor Bridge
HARBOR – Harbor Presbyterian Church Cemetery
HARBOR – Harbor School
HARBOR – Harbor United Presbyterian Church
HARBOR – Old Photos
HARBOR – Sankey-Kerr School
HARBOR – Snow & Flood of March 1936
HARBOR – “Yellow Gal” Murder Case (1920)
HARLANSBURG – Harlansburg Cave
HARLANSBURG – Harlansburg Presbyterian Church
HARLANSBURG – Harlansburg Station Museum
HARLANSBURG – Harlansburg United Presbyterian Cemetery
HARLANSBURG – McClelland Funeral Home
HARLANSBURG – Old Street Scenes
HARLANSBURG – Scott Township Consolidated School
HARLANSBURG – Unity Baptist Church & Cemetery
HICKORY TWNP – Briar Hill Cemetery
HICKORY TWNP – Briar Hill School
HICKORY TWNP – First United Brethren Church
HICKORY TWNP – Hickory Raceway
HICKORY TWNP – Hickory Heights School
HICKORY TWNP – Lakewood Beach
HICKORY TWNP – Laurel High School
HICKORY TWNP – Lawrence County Fair
HICKORY TWNPMOH Recipient James B. Chambers
HICKORY TWNP – Neshannock Presbyterian Church & Cemetery
HICKORY TWNP – Rhodes School
HICKORY TWNP – Stony Point School
HICKORY TWNP – Teece Lumber & Supply
HILLSVILLE – Black Hand Society (Seeley Houk Murder 1906)
HILLSVILLE – Carbon Limestone Co.
HILLSVILLE – Frank Jongrass Murder Case (1896)
HILLSVILLE – Hillsville Baptist Church & Cemetery
HILLSVILLE – Hillsville Public Schools
HILLSVILLE – Hillsville Today
HILLSVILLE – Hillsville United Methodist Church & Cemetery
HILLSVILLE – Hilltown Bridge
HILLSVILLE – Mahoning Twnp Consolidated School
HILLSVILLE – Men Playing Bocce Ball (1940’s)
HILLSVILLE – Rosario Serge Murder Case (1908)
HILLSVILLE – St. Lawrence Catholic Church & Cemetery
HILLSVILLE – Zombie Land
* HOMEWOOD – Buttermilk Falls (Homewood Falls)
* HOMEWOOD – Homewood Cemetery
* HOMEWOOD – Homewood Furnace
* HOMEWOOD – Homewood Reservoir
* HOMEWOOD – Homewood School
* HOMEWOOD – Homewood Today
* HOMEWOOD – Homewood United Methodist Church
* HOMEWOOD – Johnston House/St. Cloud Hotel
* HOMEWOOD – Old Photos
* HOMEWOODPRR Train Station
HOYTDALE – Clinton Methodist Church & Cemetery
* HOYTDALE – Hoytdale School
HOYTDALE – Rock Point Odd Fellows Lodge No. 865
* HOYTDALE – St. Teresa’s Catholic Church & Cemetery
* KOPPEL – Hartman’s Bridge Piers
* KOPPEL – Koppel Bridge
* KOPPEL – Koppel Public Schools
* KOPPEL – Koppel Steel Corporation
* KOPPEL – Koppel Theatre
* KOPPEL – Koppel Today
* KOPPEL – Koppel United Methodist Church
* KOPPEL – Lutton Funeral Home
* KOPPEL – Municipal Building
* KOPPEL – Old Panoramic Photos of Koppel
* KOPPEL – Orenstein-Koppel Car Company/Pressed Steel Car Works
* KOPPEL – P&LE Railroad Bridge
* KOPPEL – P&LE Train Station (West Ellwood Junction)
* KOPPEL – St. Teresa Catholic Church & School
* KOPPEL – The Green Man
* LEESBURG – Leesburg Bridge
* LEESBURG – Leesburg Presbyterian Church & Cemetery
* LEESBURG – Old Photos
LITTLE BEAVER TWNP – Coal Ridge School
LITTLE BEAVER TWNP – Little Beaver Cemetery
LITTLE BEAVER TWNP – Little Beaver School
LITTLE BEAVER TWNP – State Line Road Bridge
LITTLE BEAVER TWNP – Sugar Valley School
LITTLE BEAVER TWNP – Wilson (Frog Pond) School
MAHONING TWNP – Mahoning Presbyterian Church
MAHONING TWNP – Mahoning Valley Grange
MAHONING TWNP – Mathews School
MAHONING TWNP – Quakertown Falls
MAHONING TWNP – Skyhill Road Bridge (Graffiti Bridge)
MAHONINGTOWN – American Can Co.
MAHONINGTOWN – B&O/P&LE Railroad Bridge
MAHONINGTOWN – Cedar Street Playground
MAHONINGTOWN – Crescent Theater
MAHONINGTOWN – Darlington Park
MAHONINGTOWN – Frank Chmura Field (baseball)
MAHONINGTOWN – Ground Observer Corps (GOC) Tower
MAHONINGTOWN – “Joint” B&O-P&LE Train Station
MAHONINGTOWN – Lawrence Junction Rail Yard
MAHONINGTOWN – Lawrence School
MAHONINGTOWN – Linger Light Dairy
MAHONINGTOWN – Madison Avenue Christian Church
MAHONINGTOWN – Mahoning Ave Viaduct
MAHONINGTOWN – Mahoning Methodist Church
MAHONINGTOWN – Mahoning Playground
MAHONINGTOWN – Mahoning River Bridge
MAHONINGTOWN – Mahoning School
MAHONINGTOWN – Mahoningtown Presbyterian Church
MAHONINGTOWN – Mahoningtown Today
MAHONINGTOWN – Mahoning Trust Robbery/Clarence Campbell Murder (1932)
MAHONINGTOWN – New Castle Box Co.
MAHONINGTOWN – New Castle Refractories
MAHONINGTOWN – New Castle Stamping Co.
MAHONINGTOWN – Old Panoramic Photos
MAHONINGTOWN – Old Street Scenes
MAHONINGTOWN – Rotelli’s Market
MAHONINGTOWN – Shenango River Pump House
MAHONINGTOWN – St. Charles/Liberty Hotel
MAHONINGTOWN – St. Lucy’s Catholic Church (St. Vincent de Paul)
MAHONINGTOWN – St. Lucy Cemetery
MAHONINGTOWN – St. Margaret Catholic Church
MAHONINGTOWN – Valley View Cemetery
MORAVIA – Businesswoman Pauline Isaac
MORAVIA – Jenkins Arch Railroad Bridge
MORAVIA – Leonard School
MORAVIA – Moravia Presbyterian Church
MORAVIA – Old Photos
MORAVIAPRR Train Station
MOUNT JACKSON – Battery B Cemetery & Monument
MOUNT JACKSON – Cross Roads School
MOUNT JACKSON – Mount Jackson Presbyterian Church
MOUNT JACKSON – Mount Jackson Presbyterian Church Cemetery
MOUNT JACKSON – North Beaver Twnp Elementary School
MOUNT JACKSON – North Beaver Twnp Consolidated School (High School)
NESHANNOCK FALLS – Banks Covered Bridge
NESHANNOCK FALLS – Neshannock Falls School
NESHANNOCK TWNP – Castle View Memorial Gardens
NESHANNOCK TWNP – Clen-Moore School
NESHANNOCK TWNP – Colonial Lanes (Bowling)
NESHANNOCK TWNP – Frazier’s Pond
NESHANNOCK TWNP – Graceland Cemetery
NESHANNOCK TWNP – King’s Chapel Cemetery
NESHANNOCK TWNP – King’s Chapel Methodist Church
NESHANNOCK TWNP – Neshannock Memorial Elementary School
NESHANNOCK TWNP – Neshannock Jr/Sr High School
NESHANNOCK TWNP – New Castle Country Club
NESHANNOCK TWNP – New Hope Wesleyan Church
NESHANNOCK TWNP – Northminster Presbyterian Church
NESHANNOCK TWNP – Painter Hill School
NESHANNOCK TWNP – Shenango Presbyterian Church & Cemetery
NESHANNOCK TWNP – St. Camillus Catholic Church
NESHANNOCK TWNP – St. George Greek Orthodox Church
NESHANNOCK TWNP – St. Joseph Cemetery
NESHANNOCK TWNP – Temple Israel Memorial Park
NEW BEAVER BORO – Brittain School
NEW BEAVER BORO – Centennial School
NEW BEAVER BORO – Hitchhiker DeVon Smith
NEW BEAVER BORO – Keelie Community Church
NEW BEAVER BORO – Krebs Mansion
NEW BEAVER BORO – McAnlis School
NEW BEAVER BORO – Oread School
NEW BEAVER BORO – Pine Swamp/Glenkirk School
NEW BEAVER BORO – Possom Hollow Church
NEW BEAVER BORO – Possom Hollow School
NEW BEDFORD – Big Bean Bake 1907 (Article)
NEW BEDFORD – Citizens Concert Band
NEW BEDFORD – Evergreen Cemetery
NEW BEDFORD – Hopewell Presbyterian Church & Cemetery
NEW BEDFORD – New Bedford Creamery Co.
NEW BEDFORD – New Bedford Public Schools
NEW BEDFORD – New Bedford Today
NEW BEDFORD – New Bedford United Presbyterian Church (old & new)
NEW BEDFORD – Old Photos
NEW BEDFORD – Rural House (Hotel)
NEW BEDFORD – Sheriff Addition
NEW BEDFORD – St. James The Apostle Church
* NEW BRIGHTON – Old Photos
* NEW BRIGHTON – Junction Park
NEW CASTLE – Adams Street Housing Ad (1916)
NEW CASTLE – Aetna (Etna) Iron Works
NEW CASTLE – Alexander Crawford Hoyt & Family
NEW CASTLE – Almira Home
NEW CASTLE – American Legion Post #343 (Perry S. Gaston)
NEW CASTLE – Architect C.C. Thayer
NEW CASTLE – Architect W.G. Eckles
NEW CASTLE – Arthur McGill School
NEW CASTLE – Artist/Cartoonist Jack Cole
NEW CASTLE – Attorney/Judge William D. Wallace
NEW CASTLE – Augustine’s Italian Village
NEW CASTLE – Banker William Patterson
NEW CASTLE – Ben Franklin Junior High School
NEW CASTLE – Bill Fray Chevrolet
NEW CASTLE – Billy Sunday’s Crusade
NEW CASTLE – Blair Strip Steel
NEW CASTLE – Boxer George Chip
NEW CASTLE – Businessman Roger “Cap” Rowland
NEW CASTLE – Butz Flowers
NEW CASTLE – Calvary Independent Church
NEW CASTLE – Carnegie Library
NEW CASTLE – Carnegie Steel (U.S. Steel)
NEW CASTLE – Cascade Boulevard Pond (“The Swamp”)
NEW CASTLE – Cascade Park of Years Past
NEW CASTLE – Cascade Park of Today
NEW CASTLE – Castle Lanes
NEW CASTLE – Castleton Hotel
NEW CASTLE – Central Christian Church
NEW CASTLE – Central Presbyterian Church (White Hall)
NEW CASTLE – Chambers Motor Co.
NEW CASTLE – Charles Fassinger & Sons Manufacturing Company
NEW CASTLE – Christ Lutheran Church
NEW CASTLE – City Hall/Municipal Building
NEW CASTLE – City Rescue Mission
NEW CASTLE – Clen-Moore Presbyterian Church
NEW CASTLE – Cochran House/Fountain Inn
NEW CASTLE – Conn Welding/Conn Construction
NEW CASTLE – Crawford-Hoyt Cemetery
NEW CASTLE – Croton Honor Roll
NEW CASTLE – Croton United Methodist Church
NEW CASTLE – Croton School
NEW CASTLE – Dean Block
NEW CASTLE – Deshon Hospital Annex
NEW CASTLE – Dewey Avenue Free Methodist Church
NEW CASTLE – Dewey Park
NEW CASTLE – Dilworth Paper Mill
NEW CASTLE – Dome/Paramount/Vogue/Cinema Theater
NEW CASTLE – Donati’s Music Store
NEW CASTLE – Downtown 1860’s
NEW CASTLE – Downtown Photos 1900-1925
NEW CASTLE – Dr. C. F. Flannery Home
NEW CASTLE – East Washington St. Bridge
NEW CASTLE – Eintracht Club (Saxon Club No. 25)
NEW CASTLE – El Rio Beach
NEW CASTLE – Elks Lodge No. 69
NEW CASTLE – Epworth Methodist Church
NEW CASTLE – Euwer’s Store
NEW CASTLE – Fireworks Industry
NEW CASTLE – First Baptist Church
NEW CASTLE – First Christian Church
NEW CASTLE – First Free Methodist Church (New Creation)
NEW CASTLE – First Methodist Church
NEW CASTLE – First National Bank of New Castle/Lawrence County
NEW CASTLE – First Presbyterian Church
NEW CASTLE – Franklin Ave House Explosion
NEW CASTLE – Frank Johnson Murder Case (1905)
NEW CASTLE – Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge No. 455
NEW CASTLE – Fred Rosena Murder Case (1908)
NEW CASTLE – Frew Furniture Store
NEW CASTLE – George Washington Junior High School
NEW CASTLE – Governor Raymond P. Shafer
NEW CASTLE – Grand Union Tea Co.
NEW CASTLE – Grasselli/New Castle Chemical Co.
NEW CASTLE – Great Flood of March 1913
NEW CASTLE – Greenwood Cemetery
NEW CASTLE – Grocer J. J. Dean
NEW CASTLE – Harry W. Lockley Elementary School
NEW CASTLE – Highland Avenue/John F. Kennedy School
NEW CASTLE – Highland United Presbyterian Church
NEW CASTLE – Holy Trinity Polish National Church
NEW CASTLE – Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church
NEW CASTLE – Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church
NEW CASTLE – Home Street/Pollock Avenue School
NEW CASTLE – Hospitals of New Castle
NEW CASTLE – Hotel Kenna
NEW CASTLE – Independence Day Parade 1947
NEW CASTLE – Industrialist George Greer
NEW CASTLE – Islamic Center of New Castle
NEW CASTLE – Italian Methodist Church
NEW CASTLE – Jackson Park
NEW CASTLE – Jake Emery’s Grocery Store
NEW CASTLE – Jeweler Jack Gerson
NEW CASTLE – John Blevins Murder Case (1899)
NEW CASTLE – John F. Kennedy Visit (1960)
NEW CASTLE – Johnson Bronze Co.
NEW CASTLE – Joseph’s Supermarket
NEW CASTLE – Kennedy Square/The Diamond
NEW CASTLE – Kirk Hutton Company
NEW CASTLE – Kurtz Mansion
NEW CASTLE – Lawrence Club/Quota Club
NEW CASTLE – Lawrence County Court House
NEW CASTLE – Lawrence County Vo-Tech High School
NEW CASTLE – Lawrence Savings & Trust
NEW CASTLE – Leslie House/Hotel
NEW CASTLE – Limestone Magnate George W. Johnson
NEW CASTLE – Lincoln Restaurant
NEW CASTLE – Lincoln-Garfield School
NEW CASTLE – Lockley Machine Company
NEW CASTLE – Magician Carter the Great
NEW CASTLE – Maitland Memorial Primitive Methodist Church
NEW CASTLE – Margaret Henry Home for Children
NEW CASTLE – Marquis Brick Works
NEW CASTLE – Masonic Lodge
NEW CASTLE – May’s Donuts
NEW CASTLE – McCrorey’s 5 & 10 Store
NEW CASTLE – McKnight Service Station
NEW CASTLE – McClaren Body Manufacturing Co.
NEW CASTLE – Mill Street Bridge
NEW CASTLE – Millennium Park
NEW CASTLE – MP Coney Island Restaurant
NEW CASTLE – Mulleintown/West Side School
NEW CASTLE – Murder Trial of Anthony Naples (1937)
NEW CASTLE – National Bank of Lawrence County (1855-1927)
NEW CASTLE – National Union Bank Robbery (1921)
NEW CASTLE – Neshannock Avenue Caves
NEW CASTLE – Neshannock Village (housing area)
NEW CASTLE – New Castle Church of God
NEW CASTLE – New Castle Dry Goods/Troutman’s
NEW CASTLE – New Castle Electric Street Railway (Streetcar)
NEW CASTLE – New Castle Fire Department
NEW CASTLE – New Castle High School
NEW CASTLE – New Castle News
NEW CASTLE – New Castle Playhouse
NEW CASTLE – New Castle Police Department
NEW CASTLE – New Castle Police Department – Mugshots
NEW CASTLE – New Castle Portland Cement/Lehigh Portland Cement Company
NEW CASTLE – New Castle Today
NEW CASTLE – Nixon/Victor Theater
NEW CASTLE – North Street School
NEW CASTLE – O’Toole-Barber Murder Case (1905)
NEW CASTLE – Oak Park Cemetery
NEW CASTLE – Oak Park Cemetery – Vandalized Truck
NEW CASTLE – Oak Street School
NEW CASTLE – Oil Tycoon Thomas W. Phillips
NEW CASTLE – Old Black Bridge
NEW CASTLE – Old Photos
NEW CASTLE – Old Stone Corner Tavern & Inn
NEW CASTLE – Old Timers Picnic
NEW CASTLE – Opera House/Capitol Theater
NEW CASTLE – Owen Penfield Fox Park
NEW CASTLE – Parkey’s Magic Chef
NEW CASTLE – Pearson Block/Johnson Building
NEW CASTLE – Pearson Mill (Grist Mill)
NEW CASTLE – Penn Coal & Supply Co.
NEW CASTLE – Penn Theater
NEW CASTLE – Pennsylvania Engineering Works/PECor
NEW CASTLE – Philanthropist Grace Phillips Johnson
NEW CASTLE – Polish Falcons Nest No. 146
NEW CASTLE – Politician John W. Slayton
NEW CASTLE – Politician/Home Builder George Weingartner
NEW CASTLE – Reis-Brown Mansion
NEW CASTLE – Post Office Building (1906)
NEW CASTLE – Post Office Building (1935)
NEW CASTLE – Professor Nathan Schaeffer Visit (1900)
NEW CASTLE – Prohibition 1920-1933
NEW CASTLEPRR West Side Train Station
NEW CASTLE – R. W. Clendenin & Sons (Clendenin Mansion)
NEW CASTLE – Radio Station WKST
NEW CASTLE – Raney-Jameson Mansion
NEW CASTLE – Reddy Kilowatt Sign (Penn Power)
NEW CASTLE – Regent Theater
NEW CASTLE – Reynoldstown/Central/Aiken School
NEW CASTLE – Rose Avenue School
NEW CASTLE – Rotary Club No. 89
NEW CASTLE – Rote Confectionery Store
NEW CASTLE – Russo’s Pharmacy
NEW CASTLE – S.S. Philip & James Catholic Church
NEW CASTLE – Schroeder-Dague Crime Spree (1929-30)
NEW CASTLE – Scottish Rite Cathedral
NEW CASTLE – Seavy’s Photo Studio
NEW CASTLE – Second United Presbyterian Church
NEW CASTLE – Seventh Day Adventist Church
NEW CASTLE – Shenango Pottery/China Co.
NEW CASTLE – Shenango Valley Transportation Company/NCATA (Bus)
NEW CASTLE – Shorty The Iceball Man (Jesse Vant)
NEW CASTLE – Simon Blau Clothing Store
NEW CASTLE – Smeal Bus Company
NEW CASTLE – Soldier/Attorney Oscar L. Jackson
NEW CASTLE – Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918-1919
NEW CASTLE – St. Elias Orthodox Church
NEW CASTLE – St. John The Baptist Maronite Catholic Church
NEW CASTLE – St. John United Holy Church
NEW CASTLE – St. John’s Lutheran Church
NEW CASTLE – St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
NEW CASTLE – St. Mary Catholic Church
NEW CASTLE – St. Michael Catholic Church
NEW CASTLE – St. Nicholas Orthodox Church
NEW CASTLE – St. Paul Baptist Church
NEW CASTLE – St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
NEW CASTLE – St. Vitus Catholic Church & School
NEW CASTLE – Standard Brewing Company
NEW CASTLE – Stone Church Cemetery
NEW CASTLE – Stritmater Brothers Store
NEW CASTLE – Strouss-Hirshberg Company
NEW CASTLE – Superior Bakery
NEW CASTLE – Swedish Lutheran Church
NEW CASTLE – Swing Lobby
NEW CASTLE – Sylvester’s Dairy
NEW CASTLE – Temple Israel
NEW CASTLE – Terrace Avenue School
NEW CASTLE – Thaddeus Stevens School
NEW CASTLE – The Narrows
NEW CASTLE – Third Presbyterian Church
NEW CASTLE – Tifereth Isreal Cemetery
NEW CASTLE – Tifereth Israel Synagogue (Temple Hadar Israel)
NEW CASTLE – Tin Plate Industry
NEW CASTLE – Trinity Episcopal Church
NEW CASTLE – Umberto Primo Society
NEW CASTLE – Union Baptist Church
NEW CASTLE – Union Bus Depot
NEW CASTLE – Union Pacific Tea Co./Anderson & Anderson Grocery
NEW CASTLE – Union Train Depot
NEW CASTLE – Union/Martin Gantz School
NEW CASTLE – United Engineering & Foundry/Mesta Machine
NEW CASTLE – Villanova Inn
NEW CASTLE – W. Henry Rodgers Auto Service
NEW CASTLE – War Rationing Efforts 1941-45
NEW CASTLE – Warner Brothers Theater
NEW CASTLE – Washington Centre (Mall)
NEW CASTLE – Wasilewski’s Market
NEW CASTLE – Weingartner Florist
NEW CASTLE – West Washington St. Bridge
NEW CASTLE – Winter Clothing Co.
NEW CASTLE – Zambelli Fireworks Company
* NEW GALILEE – Beaver Clay Manufacturing Company
* NEW GALILEE – Church of the Nazarene of New Galilee
* NEW GALILEE – First Presbyterian Church of New Galilee
* NEW GALILEE – New Galilee Baptist Church
* NEW GALILEE – New Galilee Public Schools
* NEW GALILEE – Old Photos
* NEW GALILEE – PL&W Train Station & Round House
* NEW GALILEEPRR Train Station
* NEW GALILEE – Reformed Presbyterian Church of New Galilee Cemetery
* NEW GALILEE – Rocky Spring/Galilean United Presbyterian Church
* NEW GALILEE – St. Ann Catholic Church
* NEW GALILEE – Union Hotel
NEW WILMINGTON – Amish Community
NEW WILMINGTON – Fair Oaks Cemetery
NEW WILMINGTON – Hotel McCreary/Neshannock
NEW WILMINGTON – Junior Wilson School
NEW WILMINGTON – Little Neshannock Creek Bridge
NEW WILMINGTON – Neshannock Church School
NEW WILMINGTON – Neshannock Presbyterian Church
NEW WILMINGTON – New Wilmington Alliance Church
NEW WILMINGTON – New Wilmington Public School
NEW WILMINGTON – New Wilmington United Methodist Church
NEW WILMINGTON – Overlook Sanitarium
NEW WILMINGTON – Salem Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
NEW WILMINGTON – Tavern On The Square
NEW WILMINGTON – Westminster College
NEW WILMINGTON – Wilmington Area High School
NEWPORT – Harry Hunter’s Gas Station
NEWPORT – Irish Ripple Post Office
NEWPORT – Newport Bridge
NEWPORT – Newport Cemetery
NEWPORT – Newport Methodist Church
NEWPORT – Newport School
NEWPORT – P&LE Railroad Bridge
NEWPORTPRR Train Station
NORTH BEAVER TWNP – Bethel United Presbyterian Church & Cemetery
NORTH BEAVER TWNP – Cleland Mill Bridge
NORTH BEAVER TWNP – Route 18 Sinkhole (1951)
NORTH BEAVER TWNP – Westfield Grange Hall
NORTH BEAVER TWNP – Westfield Presbyterian Church & Cemetery
* NORTH SEWICKLEY TWNP – Holy Redeemer Cemetery (St. Agatha’s)
* NORTH SEWICKLEY TWNP – Locust Grove Cemetery
* NORTH SEWICKLEY TWNP – North Sewickley Cemetery
* NORTH SEWICKLEY TWNP – North Sewickley Presbyterian Church
* NORTH SEWICKLEY TWNP – Providence Baptist Church & Cemetery
* NORTH SEWICKLEY TWNP – Spotlight 88 Drive-In Theater
PARK GATE – Park Gate Baptist Church
PERRY TWNP – Camp Run Covenanter Cemetery
PERRY TWNP – Cleland Rock
PERRY TWNP – Mountville Presbyterian Church & Cemetery
PERRY TWNP – Old Photos
PERRY TWNP – Pleasant Hill Cemetery
PERRY TWNP – VanGorder Mill Road Bridge
PERRY TWNP – VanGorder’s Beach
PLAIN GROVE – North Plain Grove U. P. Church & Cemetery
PLAIN GROVE – Plain Grove Grange
PLAIN GROVE – Plain Grove Public Schools
PLAIN GROVE – South Plain Grove Presbyterian Church & Cemetery
PLAIN GROVE TWNP – Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church & Cemetery
PLAIN GROVE TWNP – Plain Grove Twnp Today
* POLAND – Old Photos
* POLAND – Poland Center Cemetery
* POLAND – Poland Grade School (Union Elementary)
* POLAND – Riverside Cemetery
* PORTERSVILLE – National Scout Jamboree 1973/1977
* PORTERSVILLE – Portersville Bible Church
* PORTERSVILLE – Portersville High School
PRINCETON – Frew General Store
PRINCETON – (Old) Princeton School
PRINCETON – Old Photos of Princeton
PRINCETON – Princeton Memorial Presbyterian Church
PRINCETON – Princeton Today
PRINCETON – Slippery Rock Township Honor Roll
PRINCETON – Slippery Rock Twnp High School
* PROSPECT – Old Photos
PULASKI – E&P/PRR Train Station
PULASKI – Hotel Riblet
PULASKI – Nancy’s Island
PULASKI – Old Photos
PULASKI – Pulaski Bridge
PULASKI – Pulaski Cemetery
PULASKI – Pulaski Fair
PULASKI – Pulaski Mills
PULASKI – Pulaski Public Schools
PULASKI – Pulaski Sanitarium
PULASKI – Pulaski Speedway
PULASKI – Pulaski Today
PULASKI – Pulaski United Methodist Church
PULASKI – Pulaski United Presbyterian Church
PULASKI TWNP – Deer Creek Cemetery
PULASKI TWNP – Nashua Orthodox Presbyterian Church
PULASKI TWNP – Pulaski Twnp Today
PULASKI TWNP – Rolling Hills Golf Course
PULASKI TWNP – Sisters of the Humility of Mary Cemetery (Villa Maria)
PULASKI TWNP – St. James Cemetery
PULASKI TWNP – Villa Maria Community Center
ROSE POINT – Old Photos
ROSE POINT – Rose Point Bridge
ROSE POINT – Rose Point Reformed Presbyterian Church & Cemetery
ROSE POINT – Rose Point School
ROSE POINT – Rose Point Today
S.N.P.J. BOROUGH – S.N.P.J. Lodge
SCOTT TWNP – Camp Rentz
SCOTT TWNP – Old Photos
SHENANGO TWNP – Big Run Branch Walkway
SHENANGO TWNP – Cascade Quarry
SHENANGO TWNP – Center United Presbyterian Church & Cemetery
SHENANGO TWNP – County Home/Hill View Manor
SHENANGO TWNP – County Home/Hill View Manor Cemetery
SHENANGO TWNP – Cunningham Armory & Troop F
SHENANGO TWNP – Gardner Chapel Assembly of God
SHENANGO TWNP – Helen Nasal Murder Case (1940)
SHENANGO TWNP – Holy Trinity Polish National Catholic Cemetery
SHENANGO TWNP – Lawrence Village Plaza
SHENANGO TWNP – Mershimer Cemetery
SHENANGO TWNP – Normal Glen Cemetery
SHENANGO TWNP – Parkside Cemetery
SHENANGO TWNP – Port Shenango Airfield
SHENANGO TWNP – Pull-More Motor Co/Bacon Motors/Buckeye Garment/National Pants
SHENANGO TWNP – Savannah Methodist Church & Cemetery
SHENANGO TWNP – Savannah School
SHENANGO TWNP – Shenango-Taylor Joint School
SHENANGO TWNP – Shenango Bowl-A-Way
SHENANGO TWNP – Shenango High School
SHENANGO TWNP – Shenango Twnp Consolidated School
SHENANGO TWNP – St. Vitus Cemetery
SHENANGO TWNP – Sylvan Heights Golf Course
SHENANGO TWNP – The Swamp (Cascade Blvd)
SHENANGO TWNP – Tindall Family Cemetery
SHENANGO TWNP – Warnock School
SHENANGO TWNP – Welding Fittings/Flowline Corporation
SHENANGO TWNP – Youth Development Center
SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP – Breakneck Bridge
SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP – Camp Phillips/Agawam
SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP – Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP – Eckert’s Bridge
SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP – Ellhurst Dance Hall/Skating Rink
SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP – Harmony Baptist Church & Cemetery
SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP – Hermon Presbyterian Church & Cemetery
SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP – Jones Field (baseball)
SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP – Living Treasures Animal Park
SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP – McConnell’s Mill State Park
SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP – Muddy Creek Falls
SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP – Oak Grove Cemetery
SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP – Oak Grove Presbyterian Church
SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP – Pleasant Valley Cemetery
SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP – S.S. Philip & James Cemetery
SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP – St. Nicholas Orthodox Cemetery
SLIPPERY ROCK TWNP – Willard Grange Hall
SOUTH NEW CASTLE – Hoover Heights CMA Church
SOUTH NEW CASTLE – J. P. Byers School
TAYLOR TWNP – Crawford-Oak Ridge Home
TAYLOR TWNP – Murder Swamp
TAYLOR TWNP – New Castle Junction Rail Yard
TAYLOR TWNP – River Road Railroad Bridge
TAYLOR TWNP – River Road Stone Tunnel
TAYLOR TWNP – Universal Sanitary/Universal-Rundle Corporation
UNION TWNP – Covert’s Crossing Bridge
UNION TWNP – J. M. Bales Oil Company
UNION TWNP – K. Pulaski Club
UNION TWNP – Madonna Catholic Church & School
UNION TWNP – Madonna Cemetery
UNION TWNPMOH Recipient Cyrus Lower
UNION TWNP – New Castle Municipal Airport
UNION TWNP – Scotland Lane Public School (Union High School)
UNION TWNP – Scotland School (one-room)
UNION TWNP – St. Mary’s Cemetery
UNION TWNP – Sunny Avenue School
UNION TWNP – Super Castle Drive-In
UNION TWNP – Union Area High School (1961)
UNION TWNP – Union Memorial Elementary School
UNION TWNP – Wesley United Methodist Church
UNION TWNP – West Park Nature Center
VOLANT – First National Bank of Volant
VOLANT – Mount Prospect Cemetery
VOLANT – Old Street Scenes
VOLANT – Volant Bridge
VOLANT – Volant Cemetery
VOLANT – Volant College
VOLANT – Volant Methodist Church
VOLANT – Volant Mills
VOLANT – Volant Public School
VOLANT – Volant Today
WAMPUM – Arlington Hotel
WAMPUM – Basketball Coach Butler Hennon
WAMPUM – Bill Henry’s Lunch Room
WAMPUM – Boxer Al Migliorato
WAMPUM – Businessman Charles Stapf
WAMPUM – Charles Repman & Family
WAMPUM – Crescentdale Housing Area
WAMPUM – Fires of July 1910 (Wampum Fire Dept)
WAMPUM – First Pentecostal Church
WAMPUM – “High Grade” Stone Railroad Bridge
WAMPUM – J. W. Snare General Store
WAMPUM – Jack Galbreath’s Barber Shop
WAMPUM – Life & Times of Samuel Braby
WAMPUM – Marshall Funeral Home
WAMPUM – Mrs. Sunshine is Deported (Article)
WAMPUM – Old Panoramic Photos of Wampum
WAMPUM – Old Photos
WAMPUM – Old Street Scenes
WAMPUM – P&LE Train Station
WAMPUMPRR Railroad Bridge
WAMPUMPRR Train Station
WAMPUM – St. Monica’s Catholic Church
WAMPUM – Stiglitz Brothers Clothing Store
WAMPUM – Strange Sight Seen At Wampum (Article)
WAMPUM – Super 18 Drive-In
WAMPUM – Wampum Bridge
WAMPUM – Wampum Cement Works
WAMPUM – Wampum Limestone Cave Complex
WAMPUM – Wampum Odd Fellows Lodge No. 865
WAMPUM – Wampum Methodist Church
WAMPUM – Wampum Presbyterian Church
WAMPUM – Wampum Public Schools
WAMPUM – Wampum Theater
WAMPUM – Wampum Today
WASHINGTON TWNP – Washington Twnp Today
WAYNE TWNP – Dick Victor’s Camp/Camp Ellwood/Camp Allegheny
WAYNE TWNP – Elijah G. Matheny & Family
WAYNE TWNP – Hennon’s Greenhouse (Florist)
WAYNE TWNP – Mt. Hope Lutheran Church & Cemetery
WAYNE TWNP – Quarry School
WAYNE TWNP – Rock Point Park
WAYNE TWNP – Rock Point PRR Railroad Bridge
WAYNE TWNP – Slippery Rock Presbyterian Church & Cemetery
WAYNE TWNP – Wayne Township Consolidated School
WEST PITTSBURG – Croatian Lodge No. 522
WEST PITTSBURG – DeMarc Auto Sales
WEST PITTSBURG – Early Town Ads 1903
WEST PITTSBURG – Holy Cross Catholic Church
WEST PITTSBURG – Monkey Captured! (Article)
WEST PITTSBURG – Moravia Bridge Collapse of 1904
WEST PITTSBURG – Old Street Scenes
WEST PITTSBURG – Papa Family in WW2
WEST PITTSBURG – Pressed Steel Radiator/Shaw-Perkins
WEST PITTSBURG – Reliable Luggage/Airway Industries
WEST PITTSBURG – St. Patricks Day Flood of 1936
WEST PITTSBURG – West Pittsburg Methodist Chuch
WEST PITTSBURG – West Pittsburg Power Plant
WEST PITTSBURG – West Pittsburg Public School
WEST PITTSBURG – West Pittsburg Today
WEST PITTSBURG – Woodhouse Bopp/Keystone Furniture/Panella Co.
WILLOW GROVE – Hickory Creek Bridge
WILLOW GROVE – Willow Grove Bridge
WILLOW GROVE – Willow Grove Dance Hall
WILLOW GROVE – Willow Grove School
WILMINGTON TWNP – Camp Elliott (Girl Scouts)
WILMINGTON TWNP – Loose Nuts Club (Swimming)
WILMINGTON TWNP – Maddened Bull Kills Farmer! (Article)
WILMINGTON TWNP – Maple Grove Mennonite Church & Cemetery
WILMINGTON TWNP – Neshannock Presbyterian Cemetery
WILMINGTON TWNP – New Wilmington Methodist Episcopal Cemetery
WILMINGTON TWNP – Rich Hill Presbyterian Church & Cemetery
* WILMINGTON TWNP (Mercer Co.) – Ligo School
WURTEMBURG – Centennial/Wurtemburg United Methodist Church
WURTEMBURG – P&W/B&O Train Station
WURTEMBURG – Portersville Road Bridge (“Second Bridge”)
WURTEMBURG – Princess Ileana (Monastery of the Transfiguration)
WURTEMBURG – Rapps Mill Bridge
WURTEMBURG – Wurtemburg Cemetery
WURTEMBURG – Wurtemburg Public Schools
WURTEMBURG – Wurtemburg Hotel