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First Reformed Presbyterian Church - Beaver Falls PA

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The congregation of the First Reformed Presbyterian Church was organized in Beaver Falls in 1874. They met at various locations until a church (shown above) was erected on 7th Avenue in 1878. When Geneva College relocated from Northwood, Ohio, to Beaver Falls in 1880 it utilized this building was classes for about a year – until its new campus was ready. In 1882 a group of parishioners broke away and relocated northward (beside Geneva College) to form the new College Hill Reformed Presbyterian Church. In about 1924 the congregation sold the church on 7th Avenue and relocated to a new location out in Patterson Township. The old church shown above became the new home of the St. Ladislaus Catholic Church. (Oct 2014) Full Size


  1. The congregation divided in 1892 to found the Geneva RPC, not College Hill. It was a planned division in order to service students and faculty of Geneva College, so that they would not have to walk all the way into Beaver Falls from the then-separate borough of College Hill. Geneva Church’s building was in College Hill, on Fifth Ave and 31st Street. The building is still standing, but is owned by the College now, and may soon be demolished. The congregation merged with First RPC in Patterson Twp.

    College Hill RPC was formed from Geneva RPC in 1896 in a dispute over who to call as a new minister.


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