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Tree of Life Synagogue - Ellwood City PA

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An Orthodox Jewish congregation was organized in Ellwood City in late 1908. Construction of a a synagogue (shown above) on Wayne Avenue, on land donated by the Keller family, began in 1910. The Tree of Life congregation was officially charted in October 1910. The first service was held in the partially completed building on Thursday, April 13, 1911 (the first day of Passover). The congregation grew in the coming years and had as many as 250 members at one time. (c1944)

In the early 1950’s the Tree of Life congregation decided to build a larger synagogue and acquired property on Beatty Street next to the Ewing Park Bridge. This old church (shown above) was sold in the early 1950’s and served as a house for worship for other religious groups for many years. It currently sits vacant. (Aug 2015) Full Size

(Aug 2015)

The cornerstone of the old synagogue/church. (Aug 2015)

The old building along Wayne Avenue sits abandoned at this time. (Aug 2015)

(Aug 2015)

Standing behind the old building and looking northward on 7th Street. (Aug 2015) Full Size

The new Tree of Life Synagogue (shown above) on Beatty Street was dedicated during ceremonies held on May 20-23, 1954. It was the center of the Jewish community in Ellwood City for many years. In the 1980’s, with dwindling attendance, it was sadly decided to close the synagogue. It was closed in about 1988 and donated to the Ellwood City Hospital in January 1989. The hospital renovated and reopened it about a year later as the Tree of Life Wellness Center, a health education and fitness center. (Oct 2014) Full Size

(Oct 2014)

(Oct 2014)

(Oct 2014)

(Oct 2014)

(Oct 2014) Full Size


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