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GAR Monument (Civil War) - Beaver Falls PA

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The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), a fraternal society and political organization of Union Army and Navy veterans of the Civil War, dedicated this monument in Beaver Falls in February 1913. (1920)

The monument is located near the intersection of Sixth Avenue and 10th Street. (c1960)

The GAR was founded in Illinois in 1866 and was formally dissolved in August 1956 when it’s last member passed away. (Oct 2014)

(Oct 2014)

The GAR Monument was once situated in the shadow of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, which was demolished beginning in late 2014. (Oct 2014) Full Size


  1. My gr gr grandfather belonged to this GAR. His name was Johnson Clearwater. He fought under the NY 49th Infantry, was in many Civil War battles and was shot at the battle of The Wilderness. He remained in the infantry after healing and helped secure Washington, DC after President Lincoln was shot. He moved to Beaver Falls after the Civil War was over and raised a large family. I’ve heard the minutes book still exists from this GAR and is somewhere in the historical collections held by the historical group at the Carnegie Library in Beaver Falls.

  2. I forgot to mention, Johnson Clearwater died in Sept of 1914. He would have been alive when this Civil War monument was dedicated in 1913. I would love to see if there are any pictures of the dedication. I’ve never seen a picture of him, and it’s very possibly he was present.


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