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St. Mary's Episcopal Church - Beaver Falls PA

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St. Mary’s Episcopal Church was founded by English immigrants in Beaver Falls in 1870. Initial services were held at various locations until a church (shown above on left) was erected in 1875 in what became Church Street. The land was donated by Irish-born early settler James Patterson (1799-1876), of whom Patterson Heights is named after. A rectory and social hall (shown above) were soon built next to the church. The church was greatly enlarged in the coming years, especially when a new parish hall was opened in about 1927. At that time the main entrance was relocated to the rear – now facing Lincoln Place. When a new rectory was opened nearby in 1958 and old rectory was converted into a parochial school. (c1908) Full Size

Due to dwindling attendance the congregation was disbanded in about 1990 and the property, facing an uncertain future, was put up for sale. In the spring of 1992 the neighboring Widner Engineering, founded in 1974, purchased the property and saved it from demolition. The old rectory was razed and the remainder of the property was renovated. It became the expanded home of Widner Engineering in the summer of 1993. Before that could happen the remains of three of James Patterson’s children, interred in a room in the church’s basement, had to be removed and reinterred in a local cemetery. (Oct 2014) Full Size

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  1. I am looking for the OCTOBER 14, 1886 Wedding Records for my grandparents:
    JUDSON BRENNER, born June 27, 1862 in Youngstown, Ohio and
    SOPHIA GRACE ABBOTT, born November 22, 1863 in Rome, New York

  2. My girlfriends mother cleaned this church every week and was a member as well. She came here from England. Jill and I would play around the church while she cleaned, we never went near the cellar because we knew there were burials down there and we were afraid. That would have been in the early 70’s. It was a beautiful old church.


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