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Madison Avenue Christian Church - Mahoningtown (New Castle) PA

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In 1900 the Reverend Earle Wilfley, pastor of the First Christian Church in downtown New Castle, helped establish a small mission in Mahoningtown. Initial services were held in a school and several other locations. The small mission quickly grew and later achieved “church” status. After successful fundraising efforts several lots were purchased at #8 West Madison Avenue – just west of North Liberty Street. Work on a small church (shown above), known as the Third Christian Church, began in October 1903 and was dedicated on Sunday, January 31, 1904. A few months later the Reverend H. E. Stafford assumed the post as the first resident pastor. In April 1914 the church was renamed as the Madison Avenue Christian Church. At some point in the 1960’s the small church broke away from the Disciples of Christ and became an independent, non-denominational congregation. The church was in service for over a century until dwindling attendance saw it closed down in about early 2005. The church and property, facing tax issues, was sold four years later and the building was subsequently razed. (c1970)


  1. My dad and his family attended this church when he was growing up. I went there for special events growing up. My grandmother’s funeral dinner was in their basement. She was buried from Kildoo’s just up the street. I was said to see it closed and torn down. Thanks Jeff for the picture and writeup.

  2. My Mother, sister (June) and I attended this church when I was young. Later my sister Mildred and her husband attended this church. When my mother passed the church had a lunch in the basement provided by the ladies of the church. She was in the funeral home (Mc Caskey) up the street (Madison) and buried at Clinton Cemetery near Wampum where she was born.

    (later the funeral home was caller Mc Caskey/Kiloo Funeral Home.)

  3. I was with this church since I was 13years old. Baptized when I was 15. Married in 1969 to Ira Wimer. Mr Wimer died in 1971. I loved this small but wonderful church.

  4. Again such emotions. My Grandparents Russell and Susan McConnell were founding members. Would spend most weekends in the summer with them and attend Sunday School and services in that church.

  5. Can anyone tell me where records of members or church records are stored for research for geneolgy.


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