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West Pittsburg Methodist Church - West Pittsburg PA

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The village of West Pittsburg was laid out in 1902 and began growing into a thriving industrial center. A few years later the West Pittsburg Realty Company donated a plot of land to a small group of local Methodists – with the stipulation that they erect a church on it within six months. On Sunday, August 6, 1905, the new West Pittsburg Methodist Episcopal Church, under the care of the Reverend J. C. Womer, was officially dedicated. Much of the congregation came from the nearby East Moravia Methodist Church, which now closed its doors. In August 1911 the congregation of the West Moravia Methodist Church sold their church building for about $3,500 to the Pennsylvania Railroad and began negotiations which eventually led them to join the West Pittsburg church. Beginning in the summer of 1915 the $3,500 was used to completely renovate and enlarge the church. The completed work was celebrated during a service on Sunday, October 17, 1915. (c1970)

(New Castle News Thurs, April 25, 1912)

The congregation continued to grow, but eventually declined as the industries in West Pittsburg slowly faded out. In 1968 after a merger of several denominations on the national level the church, now part of the new United Methodist Church (UMC) organization, became known as the West Pittsburg United Methodist Church. The small congregation was proud to celebrate 100 years of service in 2005, but dwindling attendance saw the church close its doors in 2019. (Aug 2015) Full Size

(Aug 2015)

(Aug 2015)

(Aug 2015)


  1. Sadly, according to a New Castle News article on 1/20/20, this church closed in 2019.

  2. (EDITOR’S NOTE) Tim, thanks for the update. I saw that recently but can’t find the actual date. I’ll be updating the page soon. Looks the United Methodist Church is having serious issues as the national level as well. Thanks again! Jeff


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