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Edinburg Public School - Edinburg PA

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A two-room schoolhouse (shown above) was built, possibly in the 1860’s, in Edinburg to serve the local children. In early 1912 officials from Mahoning Township planned to build a new school for the local students, but it was to be located just north of the Mahoning River. Parents were angry because that meant children from Edinburg would now have to walk across the Edinburg Bridge and railroad tracks to reach the school. A legal battle ensued and the local residents were victorious in an effort to establish the Edinburg Independent School District in September 1912. The old school (serving grades 1-8) remained in use for many years until it was closed in July 1961. At that time the local school system was merged into the newly established Union Area School District – and local students from Edinburg started attending classes in Union Township. (c1910) Full Size

The Union Area School District rented out the former school for many years. It was the home of religious services during 1961-1962, was then leased it to the Mahoning Township Volunteer Fire Department, and then became home to the Kuskuskee Sportsman’s Club in 1983. The school board attempted to sell the property for $12,000 in early 1999, but dropped the initiative after various objections from the local community. Hope remained that the old schoolhouse could be saved through a restoration effort. In June 1999 the property was sold for $1 to Mahoning Township with the understanding it would be transformed into a community park. In early 2005 the property became the subject of a debate as two military veterans groups sought to acquire it. One wished to establish a veterans memorial at the site, and the other group wished to restore the school for use as a meeting hall. These ventures stalled and the school still sits abandoned. (c1980)

The old schoolhouse was demolished in late May 2016 to make way for the new World War II Veterans Memorial. (2014)


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