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North Edinburg School - Edinburg PA

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In 1911 the Mahoning Township School District, seeking a new school for Edinburg students, went forward with plans to build a new schoolhouse north of the Mahoning River. Parents were angry because that meant children from Edinburg would now have to walk across the Edinburg Bridge and railroad tracks to reach the school. A legal battle ensued during the summer of 1912 and the local residents were victorious in their effort to establish the Edinburg Independent School District. The new schoolhouse was built but did not include children from the village of Edinburg – as it was originally designed for. It was closed in about 1946 and put up for sale in August 1949. It was soon sold and renovated to become the new parsonage for the Edinburg Christian Church, a role in which it still serves today. (c1925) Full Size


  1. We lived on the lot immediately above this property. Reverend Martin and his family lived there at the time. We were there from 1951 to ‘59 when we moved to Shenango Township.


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