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First Presbyterian Church of New Galilee - New Galilee PA

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In May 1874 a group of Presbyterians began meeting in New Galilee and soon organized themselves as the First Presbyterian Church of New Galilee. They began holding services in various locations including private homes, rented buildings, and a school house. It wasn’t until 1895 that they purchased a lot and erected a wooden frame church (shown above) at the corner of Madison Street and Centennial Avenue. (c1915) Full Size

In February 1959 the congregation was merged with the nearby Rocky Spring United Presbyterian Church (seen on right) to form the “new” Galilean United Presbyterian Church. The First Presbyterian Church was vacated sometime after this as the former Rocky Spring building became the new house of worship for the Galilean congregation. The First Presbyterian building was later sold and converted into a private residence. (c1910)


  1. The name of the newly joined churches was “The Galilean U.P. Church” And is now “The Galilean Presbyterian Church”


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