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Erie Railroad Train Station - Pulaski PA

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In 1887 a small branch railway, which soon came under the control of the Erie Railroad (ERIE), was built along the east bank of the Shenango River from New Castle up to Sharon. The ERIE later entered into an operating agreement with the larger P&LE. A small freight and passenger station was established in Pulaski in about 1890. It was located on the western edge of the village and near the Shenango River. The ERIE merged with a rival railroad in October 1960 to form the new Erie-Lackawanna Railroad (EL). I believe the station in Pulaski was closed about the time of the merger, but trains continued to stop there on special occasions during the 1960’s. (c1908)

This map shows the locations of the two train stations once located in Pulaski. To help you get your bearings the area north/west of #1 is the village of Pulaski, while the Pulaski Bridge is situated near #2. The E&P/PRR train station is south of the village. It’s the dark building immediately left of #4. The ERIE train station depicted on this page sits to the right of #3. The ERIE station is long gone, but it was once located just north of where modern-day Shenango Street connects with Rt. 208. (June 1939)


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