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Billy Sunday's Crusade - Beaver Falls PA

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The Reverend William “Billy” Sunday (1862-1935) was the most popular evangelist of the early Twentieth Century. From about 1896 until 1935 he traveled the country on his weeks-long “crusades” while spreading the Word of God. This large wooden tabernacle was built in Beaver Falls in 1912 to house the coming crusade of the Reverend Sunday. This temporary structure was hastily built by the men of the P&LE Railroad and was located at Eleventh Avenue and 2nd Street. Sunday led religious revivals at this location from May 16 to June 26, 1912. (1912)

The inside of the spacious tabernacle in Beaver Falls. To learn more about Bill Sunday’s Crusades click on: SUNDAY IN NEW CASTLE. (1912) Full Size


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