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Beaver Bullet - Beaver Falls PA

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The Beaver Bullet, with a 450-inch engine built by the Wisconsin Motor Company, was designed and built in Beaver Falls by Charles L. Rogers and Charles F. Keene. Keene entered the car in the 200-lap “Indianapolis 500,” which was held on May 30, 1914. He qualified with an average speed of 86.87 mph, placing him 27th in the 30-car field. He did manage to finish 8th overall and was awarded $1,600 in prize money. The race winner, Frenchman Rene Thomas, took home a total of $39,750. (1914) Full Size


  1. Dear Sirs,
    I am cataloging all the cars that ran in the 1914 Indianapolis race and wondered if I could please buy a copy of the photograph or a scan of the Beaver Bullet car Number 5 driven by Charles Keene.
    Best regards,
    Simon Diffey .

  2. Dear Sir,
    I was told by my father, that my great uncles were the builders, drivers of the Beaver Bullet. Names were George B. and Earnest Gardner. Do you have any info to support that? I have some info that does.

  3. My grandfather owned and drove the Beaver Bullet. I have a photo of him in The Bullett with his brother, Ernest, the mechanic.


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