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11th Street School - Beaver Falls PA

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The 11th Street School or Union School, opened in 1873, was the first large consolidated school building erected in Beaver Falls. It handled all grades and the top floor was the home of the high school. It was quickly overcrowded and in the 1880’s several other large schools to built as a result. It later served as an elementary level school. It was severely damaged by a fire in March 1919 and three local churches were rented out to help students finish the school year. The top floor was removed and the school was greatly renovated – and reopened that same fall. (c1900) Full Size

The 11th Street School remained in use as a school for many years and was shut down in about 1960. It was demolished soon after. The site is now home to a veteran’s memorial park. (c1905) Full Size


  1. Kindergarden Class at 11th Street School. My beautiful mother, Beatrice Pace, would walk me to school every morning and would come back to walk with me back home. We resided on Seventh Street at the time.

    My favorite buddy was Chuckie Goff. We would share milk and snacks before taking our naps!!

  2. There was a lunchroom lady at South School. Ms Pace was her name …she lived across from the Elks and around the corner from Ours store. Are we talking about the same person? She also had 2 young ladies
    Alyce and Debbie who went to school with me… very nice lady… never raised her voice.. very low key … but if you did something wrong she would look at you … and you knew you messed up.. she worked with a lady called Ms Bentley.


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