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Neshannock Memorial Elementary School - Neshannock Twnp PA

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In the early 1950’s overcrowding in the schools of Neshannock Township was a serious problem and as a result an ambitious building program was launched. A site on Mitchell Road was selected to house two new schools – an elementary school and a junior-senior high school. Both schools would be designed by local architect Lauren Thayer. The new Neshannock Memorial (Elementary) School, named to honor local military members who died in active service, was opened a few weeks behind schedule on Wednesday, September 19, 1956. It initially served as a junior high school for grades 6-9 and likely added grades 10-11 within the next two years. When the new Neshannock Junior-Senior High School opened next door in September 1959 the Memorial School finally reverted to its intended purpose – serving as a dedicated elementary school for grades 1-6. (c2012) Full Size


  1. I don’t think the Memorial School served 1-6, at least not for many years. Grades 1,2, and 3 were at Walmo School on Maitland Lane. I know because that’s where I attended in 1959, 60, and 61. Moving to 4th grade was a big deal because you graduated to “the big school.”


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