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Stony Point School - Hickory Twnp PA

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The one-room Stony Point School was opened in Hickory Township, not far from the Croton section of New Castle, as early as the 1850’s. It was located on the Eastbrook Road and in close proximity to a large limestone quarry. The New Castle News of Wednesday, December 20, 1882, reported, “The Stony Point school is under the successful management of R. T. Hamilton. This is one of the most difficult schools in the county, but is getting along nicely.” It appears its use as a schoolhouse came to an end in the early 1890’s. It was subsequently used as a bunk house for quarry workers and migrant farm hands. The sturdy stone structure is well preserved and is still in use today as a private residence. (2015) (Courtesy of Carla Bohnstedt)

The former stone schoolhouse is located along the Eastbrook Road outside Croton. (c2012)


  1. I know longer own this or live in it but it would be nice if there was a way to keep it up standing as long as possible knowing its history.


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