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Mahoning Playground - Mahoningtown PA

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The Mahoning Playground, opened in the early 1940’s, was one of numerous summer playground facilities operated by the parks department of New Castle. It was located in Mahoningtown at the intersection of Newell and East Madison Avenues – a block behind the Mahoning School. Local kids utilized playground equipment, enjoyed arts and crafts classes, competed in various games against other playgrounds, took part in local parades, and went on occasional outings. The neighboring Woods building, an aging structure once used as a school, was used for storage and as an arts and crafts center. Young adults, usually those attending college most of the year, were hired to run the various playgrounds from June through August. (1956)

Beginning in April 1955 several old structures behind the Mahoning School (shown at center/right), including the Woods building, were torn down. The activities of the playground were forced to relocate to the Liberty Street Park (or Darlington Park) for that entire summer. During the next summer the playground was expanded (work shown in progress above) onto the property that was cleared in 1955. The area was blacktopped and a basketball court and several handball courts were added. A sunken court was briefly used for ice skating and tennis courts were added in 1962. A new shelter building was also erected at some point. The playground was in use until declining membership saw it closed in the late 1970’s. The property later became the home of Cedarcrest Housing for the Elderly, a federally-funded apartment complex for senior citizens that opened in 1995. On the left side of this photo you can see the old Mahoningtown Presbyterian Church. (Jul 1956)


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