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Painter Hill School - Neshannock Twnp PA

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The Painter Hill School was a one-room schoolhouse located on the south side of East Maitland Lane, just west of the intersection with Graceland Road. It was located in a rural area known as Painter Hill. It was closed with the Coaltown School in June 1925, but both were reopened due to overcrowding in September 1926. It seems at that time that the school became home to local 7th and 8th graders. The last trio of one-room schools in Neshannock Township, including the Painter Hill, Fairview, and Mitchell buildings, were closed for good in June 1942. Students were generally transferred to the consolidated schools of Clen-Moore or Walmo. A alumni reunion, often held in conjunction with the nearby Briar Hill School in Hickory Township, commenced in July 1934 and was held until the early 1960’s. The Painter Hill School was demolished in April 1946. The photo depicts students believed to be from the 1937-38 school term. (Photo courtesy of Deb G) (1937) Full Size


  1. I’m so glad to share this picture with everyone!
    1937 Painter Hill School class portrait
    back row-
    Chuck Meade, Alvin Elgen, John Panfile, Dave Robison, Glenn Elgen, Solly Hasson, Mary Ellen Morris, Mary Morris, Pat Criswell, Flora Robison, Eleanor Warso, Mrs. Lucy Sergent (teacher)
    middle row-
    Ray Reynolds, _ Hasson, Albert Mitchell, Albert Hasson, Tom Meade, George Warso, Louie Morris, Harold Robison, Albert Finnamore, Don Robison
    front row-
    Jay Reynolds, Sammy Hasson, Davis Hasson, Jane Gierlock, Lillian Warso, Edith Robison, Louise Morris, Victoria Panfile, Alice Morris, Beatrice Yonny, Paul Smith, Lee Robison

  2. Do you know exactly where this school sat?

  3. Also, does anyone know where Painter Hill got its name?

  4. Hi. I am in the picture, front row on far left.
    My cousin, Frank Sheen lives in a house he built on the footprint of the old school house. Traveling east, it is on the right near the bottom of Painter Hill just before the Valley Rd. on the left.

    It was named after one of the first land owners. Albert G. Painter. I have the deed transferring 200 acres from Albert Painter to William F. and Joshua C. Painter, which I assume are sons. It was lot # 1879 of one of the land grants given to Revolutionary war solders. The transfer deed is dated July 1st 1853.

  5. Hi Jay,
    The caption about the school states the school sat west of Graceland Road on the south side of Maitland Lane. That is half way up the hill. I also have a map showing the location of the school and it also shows it west of Graceland. I know where the Sheens live, but according to the map, it did not sit at the bottom of the hill.


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