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Willow Grove Dance Hall - Willow Grove (N. Beaver Twnp) PA

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Willow Grove, established by Ephraim Phillips in 1891, was a thriving little community in the early 1900’s. Route 18, the main highway between Beaver Falls and New Castle, ran right through the village. It was also located alongside the sprawling Lawrence Junction Rail Yard and at the confluence of the Beaver River, Mahoning River, and Hickory Creek. The banks of the Hickory Creek were a popular site for overnight camping, picnic outings, and family reunions. A dance hall often referred to as “The Willows” was opened in the early 1920’s. It was located beside the Hickory Creek Bridge and behind a gas station and store – later operated by G.C. “Cleve” Sams (1885-1973). The dancing pavilion was built up on “stilts” to protect it from it from the frequent floods in the area. The facility hosted various dances and was a popular hangout for young people for many years. It was operated at least into the early 1950’s. After the new concrete bridge across the Mahoning River was opened in the spring of 1959 (and the improved Route 18 bypassed the village to the west) the community slowly returned to obscurity. I believe the dance hall was torn down sometime in the 1970’s. (1938)

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