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PY&A Bessemer Branch - Bessemer (North Beaver Twnp) PA

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This map indicates the general routes of the railroads leading into Bessemer. The PY&A Bessemer Branch (shown in yellow), under the control of the PRR, opened in early 1889. It left the PY&A main line at Covert’s Crossing and extended about five miles to reach the developing industries at Bessemer. Several spurs were built off the branch in the coming years. The rival P&LE opened its road to Bessemer – known as the Walford Branch (shown in red) – in 1921. The orange lines indicate the area of the “Joint Territory,” trackage around the industries that was equally shared by the PRR and P&LE. (c2010) Full Size

This map reveals how the PRR tracks generally crossed East Poland Avenue and entered into the area of brick plant #2. The lower tracks (next to the yellow lines) were recessed into the ground to allow for easier loading of bricks into the hopper cars. (1939) Full Size

This map reveals the general route of the “Joint Territory” shared by the PRR and the P&LE. It was an extremely busy area as a small standard gauge track controlled by Bessemer Limestone and several narrow gauge railways crisscrossed through the area as well. (1939) Full Size


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