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Smeal Bus Company - New Castle PA

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William “Bill” Smeal (1877-1972), a native of West Middlesex, opened a charter taxi/limo service in Mahoningtown in late 1919. The business became known as the Mahoning Auto Company and established a regular bus route between New Castle and Bessemer in April 1922. It was one of the first companies to offer a regular bus route in New Castle and a few years later a charter bus service was established as well. The company maintained a bus garage at #201 S. Ashland Avenue and in 1933 opened a bus depot at #204 W. Washington Street. (Apr 1922)

In about 1940 the company was renamed as the Smeal Bus Company. At that time Bill Smeal had attempted to take over ownership of the main bus service in New Castle. He was rebuffed in his efforts as the old Penn-Ohio Coach Lines and associated New Castle Electric Street Railway Company were “reborn” as the Shenango Valley Transportation Company in December 1941. Smeal slightly expanded his operations as he opened a regular bus route to Enon Valley and started providing daily service for the school children of North Beaver Township. (Nov 1947)

Bill Smeal was involved with the company was many decades. He finally retired in the mid-1960’s and turned the company over to his loyal employees. He is shown above proudly looking at a safety award his company received from state officials in 1961. Smeal passed away in February 1972 at the age of 94 and was laid to rest in Graceland Cemetery. (New Castle News – Tuesday Aug 1, 1961).

The Smeal Bus Company opened a modern garage at #1210 Countyline Road in 1967 – and a few years later relocated its bus depot to downtown New Castle. In about 1970 the company was acquired by James K. Rhodes, who also owned a bus service known as the Rhodes Transportation Company in Enon Valley. Rhodes kept the Smeal line running as a charter service until he closed it down in about 1979. (Jun 1961)


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