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Pulaski Mills - Pulaski PA

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Pulaski Mills, a four-story grist mill that also had an associated dam, was erected in about 1842 along the east bank of the Shenango River in the prosperous little village of Pulaski. Farmers came from all around the region to have their grain milled into flour. It was later acquired by Milton Hull in 1875 and he operated it until his death in about 1886. His widow Mary and then his sons Charles and George Hull continued to operate into the early 1900’s. D. W. Swogger purchased it in 1905 and it later came under the control of W. G. McConnell. The dam was severely damaged as a result of the Great Flood of March 1913 and the mill itself was almost swept away. The mill was burned to the ground by a fire, believed to be the result of a faulty heat stove, on the late evening of Tuesday, November 21, 1922. Local residents gathered nearby to watch the raging inferno, which could be seen throughout the countryside. The mill was never rebuilt and the dam was later dismantled. (1909) Full Size

The yellow star marks the approximate location where Pulaski Mills was once located along the Shenango River. The village of Pulaski is seen at upper right. (Jun 1939). Full Size


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