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Sheriff Addition - New Bedford PA

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Joseph P. Sheriff (1829-1926), a Civil War veteran who was involved in the oil and lumber business, owned property on the northern side of the village of New Bedford. He started selling off lots in 1902 and the “Sheriff Addition,” along the New Bedford & Hubbard Road (now Evergreen Street), was opened up to the building of new homes. Most of the houses were erected on the west side of Evergreen Street – north of the Oak Street Extension. Additional lots were sold of by the estate of Joseph Sheriff in 1926-1927. Most of the homes shown above are still standing today. (c1920) Full Size


  1. The first 6 are definitely standing. I’m not sure if the 7th, is the home on the north side of Iwanjeko Lane or if there was once a home on the front of the property running right beside the south side of the lane.
    I recently moved back to New Bedford and my family purchased the 6th home. Prior to us owning it, I believe Mr. Carlisle said it was in his family for well over 100 years. He’s currently 92 and he bought the home from his grandmother.


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