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River Road Railroad Bridge - Taylor Twnp PA

This old stone railroad span sits near the Beaver River as you travel on River Road between Chewton and West Pittsburg in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. It is on the east side of the road about halfway between Sandbank Road and Tony Dytko Road. The old canal village of Staylesville, usually referred to as Hardscrabble, sat just to the south. The dual tracks that once crossed this stone bridge carried the trains of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O) on their way to and from distant Chicago. When this stone bridge was built is unknown at this time. It appears to have been constructed, despite its extremely narrow girth, to allow trucks – or perhaps a narrow-gauge railway – to access an old quarry that sits just to the northeast. It seems a road (or railway) ran from here to the quarry and then linked up with Sandbank Road. The path on the opposite end of this bridge is overgrown with vegetation and not easily traversed. A lone track runs across the bridge these days and carries the modern freight trains of Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad (BPRR). I will try to find out more information about this bridge in the future.

The view of the old stone bridge along the eastern side of River Road, as you travel between Chewton and West Pittsburg. (Aug 2010)

The area is overgrown on the opposite side of the bridge, but it appears a road once led to a quarry and connected with Sandback Road at one time. (Aug 2010)

Another view of the secluded bridge. (Aug 2010)

The stones for the bridge’s construction were probably quarried from the local area. (Aug 2010)

On the opposite side of the bridge looking back towards River Road. (Aug 2010)

Under the bridge it looks quite sturdy. It must be because BPRR trains still rumble across it. (Aug 2010)

Climbing up onto the railroad bed you see some crumbling of the bridge’s exterior. (Aug 2010)

Another view while climbing up the side of the bridge. (Aug 2010)

The former B&O tracks still carry BPRR trains across the bridge. B&O used to run dual tracks here at one time, but you can one set has long since been torn up. (Aug 2010)


  1. The Buffalo and Pittsburgh RR use these tracks and bridge very little. Usually 2 trains per day.

  2. I grew up just past the RR crossing (heading to from Wampum to West Pittsburgh) and I think this is the bridge with the narrow road under it that lead to the Mahoning Sand and Gravel pits and scale house. Just after going thru the tunnel and turning left was the Isabelle Farm (mid 50’s to 60s) then Grampsky’s then Smith’s and a few others. I went to school with Karen Isabelle and Gloria Grampsky. Later on I hunted the areaand crossed this bridge many times. Great memories.


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