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West End School - Ellwood City PA

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The West End School was opened at the southeast corner of Crescent Avenue and 10th Street in 1893. It was the first school built in Ellwood (later Ellwood City) after Henry W. Hartman founded the settlement in 1892. At the time the west side was the main business district of Ellwood. The schoolhouse, which served elementary level students from the West End and nearby areas, underwent periodic repairs and was eventually closed in June 1955. It was soon razed and a new West End Elementary School was built and opened at the same location in early 1957. The school later closed – possibly in the 1990’s. Since 2007 the building has been home to the Ellwood City Early Learning Center, a Head Start-affiliated program operated under the Lawrence County Community Action Partnership. (c1915)

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  1. I went to school there. don’t have any pics. would like to see some.

  2. I have class photo’s

  3. I have alot of good memories from there. Probably have class photo’s to


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