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Wampum Presbyterian Church - Wampum PA

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The Wampum Presbyterian Church, pictured here in c1907, had its beginning as the Newport Presbyterian Church organized in May 1848. The congregation in Newport moved to Wampum in c1888 and opened a new church on Main Street in February 1889.

The neighboring Wampum High School held its commencement exercises in the church, pictured here in c1909, for the better part of four decades until the Wampum High gymnasium opened in 1942.

In this late 1950’s photo you can see that the tall spire of the church has since been removed. Also, to the left you can see the large addition dedicated in December 1954 that added six Sunday school classrooms, a study area, and a large assembly hall in its basement. It was under the direction of the Rev. William E. Minteer, pastor from 1950-1956, that this addition was made.

The old church is situated on Main Street at the intersection with Clyde Street, which is seen running westward on the right of the photo. (2010)

One of the longest running pastors of this church was the distinguished Rev. J. Greer Bingham, who came to the church in late 1922 from Enon Valley and served there until his death at the age of sixty-two in May 1945. (2010)

A wintertime view of the old church building, which will be 115 years old in early 2014. (Nov 2009)

The congregation, founded in Newport in 1848, will be celebrating its 165th anniversary in May 2013. (Nov 2009)

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