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Wampum Cement Works - Wampum PA

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This plant, built and initially operated by the Shinn brothers, opened in 1874 as the Wampum Cement Company. The facility was renowned for its quality product and supplied cement for such projects as Brooklyn Bridge (built between 1870-1883). It was purchased and the Crescent Portland Cement Company in 1901 and almost completely rebuilt. It was renamed as the Medusa Portland Cement Co. (later Medusa Corp.) in 1929. Years later it was purchased by Southdown and then CEMEX. (c1910) Full Size

The cement works at Wampum after the facility was purchased by the Crescent Portland Cement Company in 1901 and extensively upgraded. (c1906) Full Size

An advertisement for the Medusa Cement Company. (1964)

The cement works in Wampum, which opened in 1874, is the oldest, continuously operated portland cement manufacturing plant in the United States. (c1920’s)

A wintertime view of the Medusa Plant in Wampum. (c1955)

Famous railroading artist Howard Fogg (1917-1996) rendered this painting of a Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad (P&LE) train steaming by the massive cement plant in Wampum sometime in the 1950’s.

The entrance to the cement plant at dawn. (Mar 2012)


  1. I was interested in more information on the Medusa Estate that is now the Mines and Meadows resort. I know that there was a mansion on the property and would like more information regarding the history and maybe a picture of the house. If you could include some family history that would be great too. Thank you for your help.

  2. I have a color picture that was taken in 1972

  3. The medusa estate burned down long before I can remember, I’m 33. There was also some sort of camp ground there, also run down. As a young boy we played in these ruins. So much was built and left for time to reclaim, several building’s stood like a very old barn and half of the mansion that wad left standing, I believe there was a fire that destroyed the main house. But I do rember a block foundation in the middle of a pond, we stood in the middle of the pond and fished. Was then used by Indian archery club then everything was destroyed by mines and meadows camping and rv. Ruined a major part of our history


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