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McCrorey's 5 & 10 Store - New Castle PA

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Young businessman John G. McCrorey (1860-1923) invested $2,000 and opened his first discount variety store in Scottdale, Pennsylvania, in 1882. The store, which sold inexpensive items such as candy, shoes, clothes, cosmetics, household items, and toys, was an immediate success. By 1915 McCrorey had a profitable empire of 113 so-called “five & dime” stores. This picture shows the Mill Street entrance of the New Castle store, which fronted both East Washington and Mill Streets. I believe McCrory’s moved into this location at #130 East Washington Street when it was vacated by the Michener & Hormell shoe store in February 1911. Earlier newspaper mentions have McCrorey’s at #78 East Washington Street as early as 1906.

The McCrory Stores Corporation (the “e” was dropped at some point) later merged with or swallowed up other competitors such as G.C. Murphy, TG&Y, H.L. Green, Silvers, and J.J. Newberry and operated an empire of over 1,300 stores at its peak. The last of the McCrory-affiliated stores were closed in early 2002 as Walmart and other modern “dollar stores” came into prominence. This photo shows the East Washington Street entrance of the New Castle store. The fate of this store is a bit cloudy but it apparently closed or relocated c1935. There is barely any mention in the New Castle News of this store after 1934 and Nobil’s Shoes occupied #130 East Washington Street starting in 1936.


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