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Oread School - New Beaver Boro, PA

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The Oread School, pictured here c1903, was located on the Wampum-Mt. Air Road just west of the main village of Wampum. I’m not sure when it first opened but it served the students of Big Beaver Township along with other one-room schools such as Possom Hollow, Brittain, McAnlis, Centennial, Newport, and Keely. In 1926 the idea of closing the school came up for debate and I believe it was finally closed sometime between 1929-1933. After its closure the local students primarily started attending the newer Glenkirk School. The building was converted into a private residence by Wilbur and Mabel Vance, who lived in it for many years. Their descendants still occupy the former schoolhouse to this day.

A class photo from 1919-20 of the Oread School. (Photo courtesy of Juliana Harper Hopkins) (1919) Full Size


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