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Newport Methodist Church - Newport (New Beaver Boro) PA

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In early 1901 the Reverend Durias E. Baldwin, pastor of the nearby Wampum Methodist Church, held a religious revival in the Newport School. Baldwin, seeing the need for a local house of worship, began efforts to secure property, raise funds, and acquire materials to build a church in Newport. Construction began in November 1901 and on June 29, 1902, the church was formally dedicated. Clark Hunter also was elected as the head of the Sunday School. The church (and its Sunday school) was a vital part of the community and was a regular sponsor of the annual Newport Homecoming celebration. The church was rechristened as the Newport United Methodist Church in about 1969 and I believe it closed sometime by the early 1980’s. It is now in use as a private residence. (c1959) Full Size

The old church building has seen its better days but is still in use as a private residence. (Mar 2012) Full Size

(Mar 2012)

(Mar 2012)


  1. That’s my mothers (Anne Downey) car in the drivyway, 1957 Chevy. We lived next door to the church. It was built in 1891, land donated by the original owners of the house, also bulit in 1891.

  2. I have lived acrossed the street from this church for 40 years. My grandfather Al Price was the treasurer for the Sunday School until they closed. It was a nice place in it’s day. Too bad it still wasn’t a church today.

  3. I have a photo of the church bell that was in front of the church. Clark M Hunter 1845-1917 is buried in the Newport cemetery.


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