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Wampum Methodist Church - Wampum PA

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A Methodists congregation was formed in Wampum as early as 1869, when a handful of people met in a cooper shop (barrel maker) in Wampum. In 1871 they were officially organized and work got underway on the Wampum Methodist Church (shown above) on Main Street. Edward Kay, the first burgess (mayor) of Wampum Borough and part owner of the Wampum Furnace Company, contributed the majority of the funds for the $400 cost of construction. When the basement was finished and enclosed late in 1871 it was used for Sunday services, until the entire church was finally completed and dedicated in 1875. The first fulltime pastors included the Reverends John C. Ault from 1869-1872, John E. Johnson from 1872-1873, and Edson F. Edmonds from 1873-1875. A parsonage was built in 1891 and replaced in 1958. Various remodeling efforts took place over the years including additions built in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. (c1958) Full Size

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The church was dedicated in 1875 and in the ensuing years was often associated with other Methodist congregations of Mt. Pleasant, Newport, West Pittsburg, and Mahoning. In early 1903 the 40-person congregation faced great turmoil when it was split into two rival factions under the Rev. Darius E. Baldwin, pastor since late 1898, and the assistant pastor Rev. William Sweezy. Calm was soon restored and the Reverend J. C. Womer took over as pastor. (Apr 2012)

This photo is looking north up Main Street in Wampum. Directly behind the church is the old IOOF (Oddfellows) lodge building. The Wampum Methodist Church is still in service as of 2018 and shares a pastor with the Methodist congregations in Clinton and West Pittsburg. (Apr 2012)

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