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Lawrence Savings & Trust Building - New Castle PA

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The seven-story LS&T building, designed by the New York City-based architectural firm of Ufflinger & Mowbray, opened for business beginning in June 1903. It was situated next to the old Municipal Building on East Washington Street. (c1906)

A drawing of the LS&T building that shows the red bricks used in its construction. Among the longtime tenants were the rival architectural firms of C.C. Thayer and W.G. Eckles. (c1924)

The first floor of this ornate building housed the LS&T bank, founded in 1901, while the top floors were home to a host of brokers, bankers, architects, lawyers, and doctors over the years. (c1908) Full Size

Another view of the LS&T bank. (c1905) Full Size

A typical advertisement for the bank, this one appearing in the New Castle News of Febuary 19, 1916. Full Size




An old view of East Washington Street, with the LS&T building visible on the right. In the late 1960’s, as part of an urban renewal project, the New Castle Redevelopment Authority planned to demolish the building and many others around it. This led to a long and bitter dispute over its value. (c1905)

In September 1973 the LS&T Bank was merged to become the new First Seneca Bank. In late December 1974, after a judge set the value at $1.17 million, the bank and all tenants vacated the sturdy old building and turned in over to the city. (c1910)

Looking west on East Washington Street in the summer of 1948. The First Christian Church on the Diamond is visible in the background and the old Municipal Building/City Hall dominates the bottom right corner. The LS&T Bank is well identified by the sign painted on the side of the building. After the building was turned over to the city most of its remaining contents were sold at a public auction in early February 1975, and the structure was sadly demolished beginning about six weeks later. Full Size


  1. What a grand old building! My grandfather and father both worked for LS&T, so we got to watch parades on Washington Street from the roof! Such a shame that the city didn’t have the desire to save it.

  2. My Great Uncle, Gust Sanfilippo, was the president of this bank for some period of time.

  3. My father, George McKenzie in partnership with Abe Greeen were the founders of the Lawrence Savings and Trust.

  4. My grandfather had the only crane and helped to build the LS&T building.


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