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Scotland School - Union Twnp (New Castle) PA

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A class photo, in which the chalkboard appears to read “Scotland School March 1889,” in front of the one-room Scotland School. This school was built at the end of Scotland Lane where it now meets West State Rd/Rt. 224. An earlier Scotland School either burned or torn down and this sturdy brick building was built on the same site in 1885. This primitive school, with a stove heater and no indoor plumbing, was in use for many decades until it closed in June 1955. At the time of its closure it only housed first and second grade students. It was sold in early 1956 and was used by various businesses up through the 1970’s. It was later razed – possibly in the 1980’s – and the site is now home to the Pizza Joe’s restaurant. This former one-room school is not to be confused with the four-room Scotland Lane School (old Union High School), which opened nearby in 1916 and was expanded to twelve rooms in 1922-23. (1889) Full Size

A class photo from the one-room Scotland School in Union Township. Kaye Frye is seated in second row – 2nd from left end. (c1948) (Photo courtesy of Kaye Frye Keffer) Full Size

Another class photo with Kaye Frye is the center of the second row. (c1948) (Photo courtesy of Kaye Frye Keffer) Full Size


  1. I went to school here in first grade.

  2. I went to 1st grade here, my teacher was Mrs, Mcconnel, our principal was Mr. Turic.

    He would some times bring us a bushel of apples, along with the bottles of milk that he brought to us daily.

    Out door toilets, what great memories.


  3. I think this is the school I attended when we lived back on Scotland Lane in the late 40’s. I was born in 1942 and if I recall, there were 2 or possibly three grades here. I have two photos and one is pretty clear on the same awning over the door.
    If anyone would like to see these photos for verification please email me ohiobkkpr@yahoo.com

  4. I went to first and second grade there, 1948 & 1949. We had an out house and a coal shed.
    Our teacher was MS. McCartney and I believe she was related to our class mate Ted Kerr. There were several other one room schools in the area.

  5. Attended 2nd grade there. As Donald Latimer said, outdoor toilets and a coal stove for heat.

  6. I do belive my grandmother attended school here. Would have been around 1930’s. Rebecca louden.

  7. I am looking for classmates Of George T. Elmore, from approximately 1946. We are having a BIG 90th Birthday celebration and I would love to find someone from his earlier years at the party to surprise him. If you are one or know of someone, please respond back to me at marti.latour@gmail.com.

  8. I am incorrect on the approximate date above . The date would have been around 1935.

  9. There was a one room school house at the bottom of Scotland Lane, on the Harbor Rd. It’s a private residence now, the footprint is unchanged. My aunt attended in the 30s.

  10. Hello. The two grades I submitted are here. However, the placement of me is reversed. The first one should be me as sixth in the 2nd Row.
    And the second photo should be me in the second row on the far right.


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