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Regent Theater - New Castle PA

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The Regent Theater (at left) along East Washington Street near the Diamond in downtown New Castle. The Regent opened c1916 and was owned (or co-owned at times) and managed by Greek-born businessman Speer Marousis (1889-1972), who also for a time owned the Dome, Penn, and Capitol Theaters and the Fountain Inn Hotel. The Regent ran the first talking picture or “talkie” ever shown in New Castle, “Two O’Oclock In The Morning” starring Noah Berry Sr. and Edith Roberts, in early January 1929. The Regent was closed in 1955 and the building has since to home to various businesses over the years. (c1929) Full Size

New Castle News. Wednesday, Dec 20, 1916.

NCN. Saturday, Aug 25, 1923.

NCN. Tuesday, Dec 30, 1939.

NCN. Tuesday, Dec 31, 1945.

I believe the old Regent Theater building (brown top) sits vacant along East Washington Street at this time. To the left of it is the old Penn Power Building. (Dec 2011)

Kennedy Square or “the Diamond” is off to the left – and the YMCA building is visible. (Dec 2011)


  1. My mother would give me a dime and I would go to the Regent Theater every Saturday. I seen all the three stooges and Gen Autry pictures that I think that was ever made. It was only a dime up until you were 10 years old. I pulled this off till I was 14 and the owner said you have pulled this off for the last time cough up a quarter.

  2. I think The Regent closed for good as a theater in the early 1960’s. In the mid-1960’s, Sporting Goods, Inc. re-located to the spot. Sporting Goods first sold to schools and individuals. In the late 1970’s,
    it sold exclusively to schools. The front of the building was not needed and remained vacant for about three decades. In late 2014, a specialty shop now occupies the front, while Sporting Goods still operates from the back and basement and second floor.

  3. The Regent had a one-row balcony. One day my friend and I went to the movies and sat up in the balcony. My friend bought a soft drink. When he had nearly finished, he threw the rest through a vent that was behind us. Unknown to us Mr. Marousis, owner, was standing below to make sure kids were the proper age to pay the dime. He came up and ordered us out with the admonition to never return. Of course, that only lasted until we had our next dimes.

  4. My father was a projectionist at the Regent back in the 50s.


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