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Brodhead Hotel - Beaver Falls PA

In the mid-1920’s a large number of stockholders of the Union Drawn Steel Company in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, formed a corporation with plans to establish a luxurious hotel. Their efforts led to the opening of the 120-bed Brodhead Hotel along Seventh Avenue on Monday, May 2, 1927. It was named for American military leader Gen. Daniel Brodhead IV (1736-1809), who once owned a large tract of land in what became Beaver Falls. It was reported that the first ever registered guest at the hotel was Daniel Brodhead Heiner Jr., an attorney and politician from Pennsylvania who was a direct descendant of Gen. Brodhead.

The hotel was a main attraction of the downtown area for many years and included a large ballroom, a bar, several private meeting rooms, and a rooftop lounge. It was the scene of regular gatherings to include company banquets, holiday parties, military veterans’ reunions, and high school proms. There were also about a dozen stores or offices, often housing banks, dentists, and insurance companies, on the first two floors.

The hotel faced a downturn it later years and was sold in 1965. The new owners greatly remodeled the establishment but the venture was short-lived. Sometime in 1967 it was announced the hotel would be closed and converted into a seniors apartment complex. The hotel likely closed at the end of December 1967, but the large ballroom seems to have remained in public use until at least 1973. The hotel rooms were subsequently converted into about 90 apartments for senior citizens. The facility was re-branded as the Brodhead Apartments and is still in operation today.

The luxurious 120-bed Brodhead Hotel, named for Revolutionary War hero Gen. Daniel Brodhead, opened in May 1927.

Brodhead Hotel. (c1950) Full Size

Brodhead Hotel. (c1950) Full Size

This postcard shows the Brodhead Hotel, which sits on the main thoroughfare of Seventh Avenue, in the 1930’s.

The cocktail bar and lounge area inside the Hotel Brodhead c1940.

The Hurricane Deck atop the roof of the hotel in about 1940. Pretty nice!

This postcard was sent from Milton H. Bell in Rochester to Mrs. Muriel McClintock in Hollywood CA. It was sent on Dec 6, 1941, and has an inscription that refers to the coming of World War II. It reads in part, “No Xmas lights this year as we have to go easy on the power, planned to take some kodochromes but no chance. Tough.”

This postcard was sent on August 23, 1940, to Mrs. W. S. Johnson in Tyrone PA and reads, “Hello, Mom, Having a blast. Don’t work to (sic) hard. Will be back Sunday. So long. Cliff.”

The Brodhead Hotel. (c1930) Full Size

Old postcard of the Brodhead Hotel c1940.

Another old postcard of the Brodhead Hotel c1940.

A modern view of the old Brodhead Hotel, now known as the Brodhead Apartments – a seniors retirement facility. (2010)

Looking north along Seventh Avenue. (2010)

The entrance of the Brodhead Apartments along 12th Street. (Jul 2011)


  1. The Brodhead Hotel closed as an operating hotel on Dec.30th 1967. Asper BeaverFalls Centennial book published in 1968.

  2. (EDITOR’S NOTE) Bill, thanks for the information about the closing date! Jeff

  3. This hotel was the centerpiece of the city. All kinds of events were held there. My high school prom was held there in 1964.

  4. The Ballroom on the top floor is still in operation! I was surprised in May of last year to attend an event there. It is a huge room. Special elevator to get there


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