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Irish Ripple Post Office – Newport (New Beaver Boro) PA

In about 1800, Conrad Coon brought his small family from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and settled on a tract of land in what became Big Beaver Township in Beaver County. This area later became part of newly formed Lawrence County in March 1849. In 1833 his son Joseph Coon laid out forty acres of land to start a small settlement initially known as Coontown. At about the same time a post office, known by the name of Irish Ripple, was established just south in nearby Wampum. Political infighting saw this post office relocate over the next forty years or so between Wampum and Coontown, which soon adopted the name of Irish Ripple and later yet became known as Newport. It was probably not until the 1870’s that both locations finally got their own separate postal stations.

The permanent Irish Ripple Post Office was set up in a house owned by postmaster Clark M. Hunter (1845-1917). Hunter, a Civil War veteran, was a leading citizen of Newport and also served as the telegraph operator at the nearby Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) station. The postal office was relatively short-lived and probably closed before the turn of the century, as the once-thriving little settlement waned in importance. Newport is now part of the New Beaver Borough and the old house once used a post office is still in use as a residence by the Hunter family today.

The permanent Irish Ripple Post Office was housed in the residence of postmaster Clark M. Hunter (1845-1917), located just near the PRR train station on Newport Road. Clark Hunter took this photo of the house and some of his family members in c1891. (Photo courtesy of Paul Hunter Sr.) Full Size

Another photo of the Irish Ripple Post Office in Newport in 1905. (Photo courtesy of Paul Hunter Sr.) Full Size

A modern view of the old Irish Ripple Post Office, a longtime residence now under renovation by the Hunter family in 2012. (Photo courtesy of Paul Hunter Sr.) Full Size


  1. Clarl M. Hunter was my great grandfather and I have an old fairbanks balance scale from that post office that I use to check outgoing letters that may be over one ounce requiring extra postage. His son, Rev. Herbert W. Hunter was my grandfather and he and my grandmother, Elta J.Hunter (Parshal)are buried in Pine Grove Mills, PA. I also have lots of old letters postmarked Irish Ripple to and from members of the Hunter family.
    Robert T. Fellows 3/24/2013

  2. I would like to hear from any relative of the Hunter family

  3. robert fellows Harry Hunter was my grandfather His son Paul
    Hunter sr.was my father.iam his son and am 80
    years old. when i was 12 i went to Pine grove
    mills to Herbert s place with my g-father to visit. his married daughter lived near by…….they had a son named Danny….there
    were a lot of rattle-snakes. thats about all i
    remember. My son lives in the old P.O. house now.
    would be great to have 1 of those post marks. e-mail me please. regards Paul Hunter

  4. My father ( Paul Hunter was the last reply in this topic )he has since passed away ( July 1 2014 ) I am the current resident at the old Irish Ripple Post office / Hunter homestead

  5. I would like to publicly thank Mr Robert Fellows for offering and then following through on sending me the Fairbanks scales that was used in the old post office by Clark Hunter in the old post office and they are currently sitting on the fireplace mantle for display as a piece of the history of this old house …

    the scale so shall remain there and will be passed down and kept in the family as will the old house for as long as she stands


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