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P&LE Train Station - Edinburg PA

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The Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad (P&LE) begin operations in 1879 and its main branch eventually ran from Pittsburgh to New Castle Junction to Youngstown. Stations were established west of New Castle in the rural areas of Lawrence County to include Covert’s Crossing, Edinburg, and Robinson’s Crossing (Hillsville). As seen on the sign on the station the P&LE referred to its passenger and freight station at Edinburg as “Edenburg.” The station was closed for a time in the 1920’s due to a lack of business, but appears to have reopened as a “non-agency” (no agent on duty) station. After the new Edinburg Bridge and associated highway (Route 224/551) opened in December 1936 the train station was basically bypassed and cut-off. (c1918) Full Size

The P&LE train station at Edinburg (on far right), known as Edenburg Station, was located on the north bank of the Mahoning River and right beside the old covered bridge. Once a new metal truss bridge, located nearby but a little further upriver, was opened in December 1936 the station became isolated and its usefulness was coming to an end. It was closed down in May 1938. (c1918) Full Size


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