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PRR Train Station - New Galilee PA

In 1854 a small settlement in northern reaches of Beaver County, Pennsylvania, became home to a post office and was incorporated as New Galilee. The village was a stop on the Ohio & Pennsylvania Railroad (O&P), which was organized in 1848 to link Allegheny City (Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania, with central Ohio. A train station serving the O&P was soon established at New Galilee. In 1852 another small railroad, which later became the Pittsburgh, Lisbon, and Western Railroad (PL&W), was built off of the O&P mainline at New Galilee and extended into Ohio. Around these railroads the settlement of New Galilee, which later gained borough status, steadily grew in size.

In July 1856 the O&P and several other railroads were merged to form the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne, and Chicago Railway (PFW&C), with funding provided by the powerful Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR). A railroad bridge was also built across the Allegheny River and the line was extended into Pittsburgh proper. The PFW&C was reorganized and greatly expanded and the PRR eventually took over its operations by 1871. For many years this railroad route, essentially linking Pittsburgh to Chicago, was often referred to as the “Fort Wayne Line” of the PRR. By the late 1800’s the PRR had stops on this line at nearby locations to include New Brighton, Beaver Falls, Homewood Junction, Darlington, and East Palestine, Ohio

The train station at New Galilee remained in operation for the PRR for several decades. A general decline in passenger train service began with the widespread use of the automobile and more economical bus service beginning in the 1920’s. By 1930 the Great Depression began its stranglehold on the nation I believe the New Galilee station was closed about that time.

This train station of the Pennsylvania Railroad served the village of New Galilee for many years. It was located where modern-day Monroe Street crosses the railroad tracks. I believe it was closed down sometime during the 1930’s. (c1908) Full Size


The O&P/PRR train depot in New Galilee. (c1910) Full Size

The train station servicing the Pennsylvania Railroad’s “Fort Wayne Line” in New Galilee. (c1930) Full Size

The Pennsylvania Railroad also maintained a small rail yard in New Galilee. (c1912) Full Size

A “Pennsy” train steams through the village of New Galilee. (c1937) Full Size


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