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Old Street Scenes - Enon Valley PA

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A street scene in Enon Valley with a old Model T car loaded with occupants. (c1915) Full Size

A street scene in Enon Valley. On the right is the Imboden Brothers grocery store. (c1915) Full Size

Another old postcard showing a street scene in Enon Valley. The inscription on back is simply marked with what appears to read “Love Mrs. Marva” and is addressed to “Miss Wynoma Parkhurst, 347 Hanover St, Manchester NH.” It is postmarked as August 22, 1913. Full Size

A typical street scene in Enon Valley. (c1910) Full Size



  1. Hi, Jeff! The top photo is just north of the intersection of Main and Vine Streets. The buildings were on the east side, located near the present day phone company office (Windstream, formerly Alltell). This all was owned by Pattersons Store up till the 80s, when it became Maxwell’s Country Store, which still had a hitching post for the Amish up till the late 1990s or early 2000s. Most of this was destroyed in a fire around that time, and all that remains is a small section right at the intersection, which is in the shadow of the trees in the photo. It is now Enon’s Self Storage, and maintains its unique storefront windows. The vertical siding in the trees is the Enon Shoe Store, now owned by the Enon Valley Historical Society.

    Second photo is looking east on Vine Street, Route 351, and is now where the post office is located. Michael Inboden had the General Store here, and also owned the Enon Shoe Store on the corner of Main and Vine, just west of this photo (now owned by the Enon Valley Community Historical Society). The building with the awning was the Community building which was used for basketball games, concerts, and church dinners. This building is now gone.

    I’m not certain of the location of 3rd photo.

    By the way, the last view is looking north from the tracks at the Enon’s Big Store, which was also the P.O. for a time (see Enon Post Office Photo for more explanation). Thanks again for your website!

  2. Grew up in Enon Valley and lived there for 17 years before joining and making the Air Force my career. Sure miss those days swimming at the creek, hunting in the hills or just passing the time during the forties and fifties. My Grandma Hogue was apple butter queen for years.
    Born in October 13, 1944….Am now retired twice in Las Vegas, Nevada and enjoy going back every year in memory of the past…..

  3. I love these old photos! My parents drove us through this area years ago! Originally from Campbell Ohio ♥️


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