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Pulaski United Methodist Church - Pulaski PA

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A small group of Methodists in Pulaski organized themselves in 1854 and began meeting in a local schoolhouse. In 1856 a small church known as the Pulaski Methodist Church was erected on Water Street. The building was renovated in 1896 and a parsonage was built next door in 1901. In 1930 an educational annex, which was further expanded in 1963, was built onto the building. The congregation celebrated in 100th anniversary in September 1956. The church was renamed as the Pulaski United Methodist Church in late 1968 and renovated again in the early 1970’s. The congregation, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2006, is still going strong today. (May 2012)

(May 2012)

The parsonage next door. (May 2012)

An addition built onto the church in later years. (May 2012)

(May 2012)

The parsonage is home to the current pastor – the Reverend Robert E. “Rob” Kifer. (May 2012)

Inside the chapel area of the church. (May 2012)

(May 2012)

The ornate ceiling is one of the highlights of the small church. (May 2012)


  1. I was always told by my mother that her Grandfather James A. Taylor was working on the roof of the Pulaski Presbyterian Church in 1898, fell off and died shortly after. Do you have any information of this in your records, and if not could you give me some direction on where to go for it? I look forward to hearing from you.

    Joneta Burke

  2. (EDITOR’S NOTE) Joneta, Could you be referring to William Taylor? I found an article in the New Castle News of Wednesday, August 10, 1898, entitled “IT MAY PROVE FATAL.” The article reads, “A Neshannock Township Farmer Fractures His Skull By a Fall… A most deplorable and perhaps fatal accident occurred five miles out on the Pulaski road in Neshannock township, on Thursday evening. William Taylor, a highly respectable and well-to-do farmer and carpenter, fell 15 feet to the ground from a ladder, on which he was climbing up the side of his barn. He was picked up in a comatose condition and carried into the house and Drs Linville and Miles were called. They found that his skull was fractured in a large area, above the right ear. It is supposed that his head struck a stone. He was made as comfortable as possible at his home during the night, and in the morning the surgeons sent him to the Shenango Valley hospital were the operation of trephening was performed. He was about 45 years of age and has a wife and several children. This sudden visitation caused the family much sorrow.” Hope this helps you out. Jeff

  3. Hi Jeff
    Would you be able to send me a copy of that article to have for my notes? I love your site.


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