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Old Photos - Ellwood City PA

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This photo is identified as Cowden Weller, who was the apparently the first man to deliver milk in Ellwood City. (c1893)

A photo of state game wardens – and possibly local policemen – who seized an illegal cache of weapons at Ellwood City. (c1894)

A group of local Civil War veterans proudly pose for this photo while gathered for a reunion at Belton (south of Park Gate) in 1907. 1st row from left: M. Wright, C. Hornick, W. Wimer, C. Murray, C. Yoho, H. Conway, J. Knox, S. Parker, S. Turner. 2nd row from left: Mr. Barton, J. Book, unknown, H. Parker, F. Wehman, R. Ramsey, J. Hertzog, D. Swick, unknown, J. Wilson, W. Henderson. Third row from left: J. Evans, unknown, D. Heckathorn, J. McClain, H. Stevens, E. Houk, and N. McConahy.

Looks like this kid is about to recreate the famous chariot scene from Spartacus. (1908) Full Size

A raging fire destroyed businessses and homes along Lawrence Avenue (near intersection with Sixth Street) in 1891. Full Size

This unmailed postcard has a handwritten note on the back that reads, “Dear Mildred, This is some of Home Week.” (c1915) Full Size


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