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Chewton Christian Church - Chewton PA

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The Chewton Christian Church was organized in 1876 and initially met in an old schoolhouse on Elizabeth Street. The congregation soon started construction on a new church (shown above) next to the school and occupied it in November 1878. The congregation moved into a new church building on Oswald Street in June 1925. The old church was sold to the Baptists soon after and its still in use today. Full Size

This photo is identified as the Loyal Sons Class of the Chewton Christian Church. (1912) Full Size

The new Chewton Christian Church on Oswald Street was dedicated on June 7, 1925, with the Reverend Charles P. Durbin in charge. (c1955)

The Reverend Durbin (1892-1978) of East Liverpool, Ohio, served three long stints as pastor of the church from 1919 until he finally retired in c1976. (c1960)

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  1. That is my car in the picture. The gold one. I was raised in that church and lived across the street until 1961.

  2. Loyal Sons class of the Chewton Christain Church, second row, fifth gentleman in my grandfather, Joseph D. Kelly. The picture of Mr. Durbin, I believe is a 1950’s era.

  3. Hi Glenda, Could you contact me to review the church’s history and this site. Thanks. Pastor Thomas


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