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Polish Falcons Nest No. 318 - Beaver Falls PA

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The Polish Falcons of America is a fraternal organization started in the United States back in 1887 with a goal of helping win eventual independence for the homeland of Czarist-controlled Poland. It had a heavy emphasis on maintaining top physical and mental fitness for its members. During the Great War (World War I) over 22,000 Polish-American soldiers went to France and saw action in the 100,000-strong “Blue Army.” This group helped formed the core of the post-war Polish Army. The Polish Falcons Nest No. 318 was founded in Beaver Falls in 1912, and opened their own building (shown above) on Eleventh Street in about 1923. (c1950) Full Size

Polish Falcons Nest No. 318. (c1925) Full Size

Today there are still about eighty-five active “nests” of Polish Falcons in the United States, including almost two dozen in Pennsylvania. Among those was the one in Beaver Falls, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012. I believe the facility has since shutdown operations and sits vacant. (Aug 2010) Full Size


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