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Favorite Photos - Lawrence County PA

In the last several years I have taken thousands of photos throughout Lawrence County, but also in the nearby counties of Beaver, Butler, Mercer, and Mahoning. Below are a handful of some of my personal favorites. They are not all great works of art but are memorable to me for various reasons. I will be adding more photos here in coming months.

Mt. Hermon Cemetery. Slippery Rock Twnp. (Jul 2009)

Hickory Creek Bridge. Willow Grove. (Jul 2010)

Eastvale Bridge. Beaver Falls/Eastvale. (Mar 2012)

North Beaver Twnp High School. Mount Jackson. (Aug 2010)

CMA Church. Castlewood. (Apr 2012)

County Court House. New Castle. (Apr 2012)

Hopewell Cemetery. New Bedford. (Apr 2012)

CSX Train. West Pittsburg. (Apr 2012) Full Size

Harmony Baptist Cemetery. Shenango Twnp. (Apr 2012)

Graceland Cemetery. New Castle. (Mar 2012)

River Road Tunnel. North of Chewton. (Apr 2012)

Frisco Railroad Bridge. Ellwood City. (Jul 2011)

Old Barn on Marr Road. Pulaski Twnp. (Apr 2012) Full Size

Short Stop Sign. Bessemer. (Mar 2012)

Early morning at CEMEX plant. Wampum. (Mar 2012)

St. Teresa’s Cemetery. Hoytdale. (Jul 2009)

Dusk at Clinton Cemetery. Wampum. (Aug 2012)

Owen Penfield Fox Park. New Castle. (Aug 2012)

Slippery Rock Presbyterian Cemetery. Wayne Twnp. (Aug 2012) Full Size

M. E. Church. Ellwood City. (Aug 2012)

Old Shed on Brighton Rd. N. Sewickley Twnp. (Aug 2012)

Locust Grove Cemetery. N. Sewickley Twnp. (Aug 2012) Full Size

Johnson Bronze Parking Spot. New Castle. (Aug 2012)

Near P&LE Bridge. N. Beaver Twnp. (Aug 2012)

Fall Foliage. Slippery Rock Township. (Oct 2012) Full Size

Plowing in Progress.Washington Twnp. (May 2012)

Harmony Baptist Cemetery. Shenango Twnp. (Oct 2012)

Shakespeare’s Restaurant. Ellwood City. (May 2012) Full Size

Scarecrow. Plain Grove Township. (May 2012)

Horse on Kaldy Drive. Energy. (Oct 2012)

Rural Road. Washington Twnp. (May 2012) Full Size

Fire Truck Art. Bessemer. (Jan 2012)

A Light Shines Thru. Koppel. (Jan 2012)

West Ellwood Railroad Bridge. Ellwood City. (Mar 2012)

St. James Cemetery. Pulaski Twnp. (Mar 2012)

Beaver River. Wampum. (Mar 2012) Full Size

Tindall Cemetery. Shenango Twnp. (Mar 2013)

Kirk Hutton Store. New Castle. (Mar 2013)

Old Train. New Castle. (Mar 2013) Full Size

Darlington Lake. Darlington. (May 2013)

Mill Street Bridge. New Castle. (Jul 2013)

Bowling Alley. Shenango Twnp. (Jul 2013)

Rusting Vehicle. West Pittsburg. (Aug 2013)

Old Hickory Heights School. Hickory Twnp. (Aug 2013) Full Size

Newspaper Box. Union Twnp. (Aug 2013)

Oak Park Cemetery. New Castle. (Sep 2013)

Holy Redeemer Cemetery. N. Sewickley Twnp. (Sep 2013) Full Size


  1. Hi,

    I grew up in New Bedford during the 50’s and 60’s and have been trying to find a picture of the old grade school there. Do you know of any?


  2. Hi Bruce:
    If you go to the facebook page of Pulaski Township, you should find pictures there just keep scrolling. Happy Hunting.
    I was a pupil of your Moms for several years and David was a year before me in school.
    It is such a small world…..

  3. There’s an old Quaker cemetary off rte 224 near state line. No road to it but not too far to walk. Haven’t been back there in over 10 years. Never looked up info about Quaker settlement. Bob Miller @ Miller’s Furniture Barn knows a lot of local history as does Carl Clark @ Four Brothers Bistro.

  4. Bruce. I grew up in Frizzleburg in the 1930’s & 40’s Have pictures of the old school at New Bedford. Pictures of the classes back in the late 30’s and 40’s also pictures of the school in Frizzleburg. (Infact I was raised directly across from the school) If I can locate the pictures. We moved here to Ohio in 2007. finding items is tough.
    Sure enjoyed the pictures of Lawerence county. I was a troubleshooter for Penn Power and have seen just about every pictures you have posted.

    B. Edward Boyd

  5. These are great pictures! Thanks for the acknowledgement on your home page. I appreciate that!

  6. So sad to see the picture of my old grade school. It was a great school and I have many memories from growing up in Mt. Jackson. I can’t believe they have let it get like that. I wish I had a picture of how it used to look back in the 60’s. Thanks for sharing all you do with Lawrence County!!!

  7. Hi I went to a elementary school in New Galilee in the early 60’s. Does anyone know about this school?

  8. The tombstone of Angelia Komisar is where my Foster granddaughter is buried. The Batman doll is from her boyfriend.

  9. The plowing in progress in Washington township is actually discing. They do this after plowing and before planting to get the ground as smooth as it can be.

    Thanks for the pictures of the Laurel I graduated there in 1961.

  10. Do you know anything about Alperns Bakery long ave new castle pa. Made the best donuts out of business for a long time this was around 1952. Also I worked at Hill view Manor for 15 years. Afternoon nurse. Have many pictures. Retired in1983 and moved to Indiana as Youngstown sheet and tube closed. My husband transferred to sheet and tube here. Many thanks

  11. I vaguely remember Alperns Bakery. I just completed writing my memoir and I recalled my mother shopping for many years at Sam Wolffs Grocery on Long Ave. He helped our family survive the 1930’s Depression. Lancaster, PA has no bakery,s that compare to the ones we once had in New Castle or elsewhere in western Pa.

  12. Does anyone remember the name of Sam the ragman from the 1940 s. He collected rags and scrap iron in a wooden wagon pulled by a horse. His familiar call was “Rags and old iron, rags and old iron”. We only knew him as Sam.

  13. Hi walter…my mom grew up in koppel and so did i….i remember her telling stories of sam the rag man…when her and her little friends were outside playing, they would hear sam the rag man’s chant as he came through the town

  14. I don’t see any reference of “the green man from Koppel”. I raised my family in Zelienople.

  15. hellow jeff I bought a 1 room school house in slippery rock township Lawrence county and would like to learn more history on it or maybe a picture of it if you could help me that is wonderfull or head me in the right area that would be great too thank you

  16. I remember the rag man in New Castle as a little girl. He would come around in his truck and he would yell rag man,

  17. Does anyone have a picture of the roundhouse in the train yards in New Castle?

  18. I grew up in Darlington Lake. Lived there from 1945 to 1964. I am trying to find any pictures of a flood that happened around 1955.
    Thank in advance,
    Jim Dunlap
    Phone: 480-292-6382

  19. Lived in New Castle when I was in grade school and attended Highland School there. Is the school still there? Any pictures?

  20. does anyone remember the willow grove bridge? is there a cemetery located next to it? looking for a stone marker with bronze marker in it stating daughters of american colonists (DAC)

  21. Hi Ethel, Highland Ave school is no longer there. It was demolished many years ago. An apartment building is now on that lot. A new elementary school was built on the vacant field across the street. I attended Highland Ave school during my 5th & 6th grades in 1943 – 45. I now live in Lancaster, Pa.


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