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Princeton School - Princeton (Slippery Rock Twnp) PA

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This class photo is from the lower grades of the Princeton School in c1920. The two-story and two-room school was built in about 1876 and was of a sturdy brick construction. In the early 1900’s the township’s high school classes were held in nearby Rose Point, until the high school was moved to this school in Princeton in 1908. This building was closed after the new Princeton School, also known as the Slippery Rock Township High School, opened for classes in early January 1929. I believe the old building is now a private residence on Firehall Road next to the fire station. (c1920) (This photo provided by both Carol McVicker and Dee Dee Laird). Full Size

Mostly third graders from the Princeton School c1922. Eight-year-old David Wilson is standing in front – the shortest boy just to left of center. (Dee Dee Laird photo)

Princeton School c1923. Nine-year-old Margaret Wilson, a fourth grader, is on the left end of the second row (slightly cut off). (Dee Dee Laird photo)

This photo is apparently the eighth grade class of the Princeton School in 1923-24 – although it is actually marked as, “1924-23.” This two-story school is not to be confused with a newer building also referred to as the “Princeton School,” a large consolidated school (housing the Slippery Rock Township High School) opened in early January 1929. (Carol McVicker photo) Full Size

The 1924-25 class of the Princeton High School, presumably all students in grades 9 through 11 (not sure if grade 12 was established yet). The woman at top left appears to be the teacher and I count thirty-three students. This aging school was closed when the new eight-room consolidated school, home of the Slippery Rock Township High School but also serving the primary level pupils of the immediate area, opened for classes on Mount Hermon Church Road in Princeton in early January 1929. In early January 1929 the new Princeton school had 123 total students, fifty of which were in the high school grades. The old Princeton School was later sold and is still in use today as a private residence. (Carol McVicker photo) Full Size

Princeton School c1927. (Dee Dee Laird photo)

Princeton School c1928. The elderly female teacher in back right of photo was commonly referred to as “Spider.” (Dee Dee Laird photo)

Princeton School c1928. Third grader Marian Wilson is in middle of second row – just behind the girl in the front row with the white dress. (Dee Dee Laird photo) Full Size

This photo is the combined 5-6-7-8 grade classes from the 1928-29 school year. Later in the school year, in early January 1929, the new “Princeton School” (or Slippery Rock Township High School) opened on Mt. Hermon Church Road in the village of Princeton. (Dee Dee Laird photo) Full Size


  1. After seeing these photos, I would definitely agree that the house on the corner of Firehall and Mill Bridge roads is the former school. I live across the road and the photos match the current building to a tee.

  2. My wife Betty Book Banks graduated from Princeton in 1941. I would tell every one how smart my wife was. They thought it was the college. Harry Banks

  3. I have a picture from 1911 of students of this school where my Grandfather Norman A. Perschke attended. I can supply a copy to post here. Email me.

  4. I have many class pictures of the Princeton School. My dad’s brothers and sisters all went there. They are in several of these photographs as well. Their last name is Myers.

  5. My Grandfather was Roy Wesley Myers; he went by the name of Wes.
    I have very few pictures of him or his brothers/sisters.
    I would be very grateful if you could point out to me the ‘Myers ‘ in these photos. Please email me if you would. My relatives on my mom’s side are the ‘Harlan’ family. I know my grandfather Jerry Harlan graduated from here too.

  6. Jim Myers, please message me on facebook. I can’t get email to work.


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