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38th Street-College Hill School - Beaver Falls PA

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The 38th Street-College Hill School opened in the College Hill Borough in 1915. When College Hill was annexed to become the northern part of Beaver Falls in January 1930 the school served primarily as the elementary school in the coming years. It was in service until it finally closed in 1978 and subsequently served as a county day care and then part of the Head Start preschool program. The old school was purchased by Geneva College in 1996 and converted into a student apartment building. (c1930) Full Size

The facade of the old school building. (Feb 2011) Full Size

(Feb 2011) Full Size

(May 2011)

(Feb 2011)

(Feb 2011)

The view of the large addition made to the rear of the building at some point. (Feb 2011)


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