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Old Photos - New Castle PA

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The inscription on this postcard reads, “This is a picture of our automobile in which we have gone two thousand miles. Our nicest trip was to Cleveland where we spent two days… Love, F.W. Bush.” (Oct 1909)

The men in this postcard are identified as Roy Simpson and George Whitmore. (1912)

This old postcard is of beekeeper Jack Suder of #912 Lorain(e) Avenue in the north Croton area. The inscription on the back reads, “I have every thing in Bee supplies get your supplies early and start your bees to work early.” Suder apparently owned considerable property and in May 1916 he had the following classified ad running in the New Castle News, “FOR SALETWO FINE NEW 6 ROOM HOUSES ON LORAIN AVE. ALL UP TO-DATE CONVENIENCES. BEST BARGAINS IN CITY. J. SUDER. 912 LORAIN AVE. 22617.” (Feb 1914) Full Size

This unmarked photo, which looks like a family reunion, is only stamped with “BILES ART SHOP. 61 1/2 E. Washington St. NEW CASTLE, PA.” c1910. Full Size

An unidentified photo of young boys gathered around a donkey. My mom jokingly said the boys faces appear aged and they all look like older men vice boys. The photo has a business stamp that reads, “CHARLES T. METZLER CO. PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPT. NEW CASTLE, PA. We make everything Photographic except Sittings.” Ok then! Full Size

This postcard – hand dated Feb 13, 1913 – was sent to Mr. Willis Simonton in Dallas, Oregon. I’m not sure of its exact location but I believe it’s in New Castle. The inscription reads, “This is the picture of the house we expect to buy. The path with the flower border leads down to the street car station. Don’t know whether the flowers will be as nice this summer or not. Hope so. The man is a neighbor. F.G.S.” (1913) Full Size


  1. I grew up in New Castle. My grandfather had
    an autobody shop on Jefferson St, Duff or Duff’s auotbody. Do you have any photos of his shop? It would have been in the late 1940’s to the early 1960’s

  2. No, I’m sorry – have never been to New Castle – have no photos.

  3. I really like this site…

    Are you located in New Castle? If so, I would love to get together the next time I’m in town…

    I would also be more than happy to donate to the cause…

    Talk to you later…

    Best Regards,


  4. Looking for photos of Timothy Mack and Jeremiah Francis Mack

    Lynn Willems

  5. I am looking for a photo or the painting of the bridge near The New Castle Store. As you look up the street from the bridge you can see Levines Jewelry Store.

  6. (EDITOR’S NOTE) Holly, Thanks for your post. Are you referring to the East Washington Street Bridge? If so I have photos on my page for that bridge. Jeff


  7. Does anyone have a photo of the Bargain Center on Moravia Street with the animals on the roof?? Lots of people would like to see one!


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