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Homewood United Methodist Church - Homewood PA

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The Homewood United Methodist Church had its beginnings in the Morado section of Beaver Falls, when a small church known at White’s Chapel (also known as the Wallace Run Methodist Episcopal Church) was built in 1856. In 1869 the church officials decided to move to a new location in nearby Homewood and in January 1870 the new Homewood United Methodist Church (shown above) was dedicated near Buttermilk Falls. (c1905) Full Size

The church sign off of Route 18. (Jan 2012)

(Jan 2012)

The Homewood United Methodist Church, which has been remodeled over the years, is still in service over 140 years later. Buttermilk Falls is located such a short distance behind the church. (Jan 2012) Full Size

(Jan 2012)

(Jan 2012)

(Jan 2012)

(Jan 2012)


  1. White’s Chapel was established and built in 1852

  2. The foundation stone was quarried out of the back yard by the builders (Foster & Graham) A final layer was purchased when it was revealed the basement did not have enough headroom. An examination of the stone reveals the professional dressing of that final layer of sand stone

  3. Hello,

    I was referred to your church by one of your members, and was inquiring about getting married at your church. Our wedding date is 7/29/2016 – do you have that date available? Also what are the costs involved to get married in your facility. How many guests does it hold.

    Please feel free to get hold of me as soon as possible.

    724-630-9633 or email preferred.
    Thank you so much!!


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